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Stitched Switchback

Stitched Switchback


Description: The Stitched Switchback is a variation of the Switchback Strap.

In this decorative knot sennit, there are both horizontal and vertical elements, which makes it a little different from the Switchback Strap.

It's very easy to tie, and can be used to create Micro-Macrame bracelets, belts, purse straps, and other Macrame projects where you need a flat chain of knots.

In the example shown, Paracord material was used, which needs to be prepared carefully. The ends should be melted with a flame, so the inner core material cannot slip out.



I found this design on the Fusion Knots website

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the link or image to visit the site. 

Go to the video gallery to see tutorials for other interesting knotting techniques and designs.


Fusion Knots Website


Step 1: To practice, you need one cord, at least 60 inches long. Secure one end to your board.

Important: When making something with the Stitched Switchback, the size of the first loop (shown below) determines the finished size of the sennit.   

The cord needs to be at least 10 times the finished length of the item you are making.

Clockwise Loop  

Make a clockwise loop, 6 inches long. 

The working end should be on the right when you are finished.


Bring End to Left  

Step 2: Pass the working end under the right side of the loop and over the left, as you bring it to the left.

This creates a small loop.


Rotate Clockwise  

Step 3: Rotate the end clockwise, and pass it under the left side of the small loop.

Bring it under the segment of the cord resting inside the large loop. Pass it under the right side of the large loop. 

Tighten the knot firmly.


Over Both Segments  

Step 4: Move the working end back to the left, passing over both parts of the loop.


Bring End Straight Down  

Step 5: Rotate the working end clockwise.

Bring it under the left side of the large loop, and over the portion inside the loop.

Bring it straight down, and then pull firmly to tighten.


Start Next Knot  

Step 6: Arrange the vertical portion so it's as straight as possible. 

Repeat steps 4 - 6, as described below:

Three Steps per Knot  

Step 7:   Pass the working end under the right side of the loop.   Then bring it across to the left.

Pass the working end under the left side of the loop, and over the portion resting inside the loop. 

Pull the end straight down to tighten.


Vertical and Horizontal Elements  

Repeat step 7 several times, arranging the vertical portions so they are as straight as possible.

When you tighten the Stitched Switchback knots, make sure they are the same width.


Pass End Through  

Step 8: When you reach the bottom of the large loop (or run out of material), pass the end down through the space at the fold.

Pull on both ends to tighten the strap.


Completed Sennit   Click on the image to see a closer view of the Stitched Switchback sennit.

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Have any comments about the Stitched Switchback? Contact Me.

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