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Stevedore Knot

Stevedore Knot

Description: The Stevedore Knot is similar to a Figure Eight Knot in the way it’s designed. But an extra loop is added, which gives it a strong hold.

It's considered a stopper knot because it prevents the cord from unraveling, or from slipping through another knot.

This decorative knot is used in Macrame to finish the ends of cords in the final steps. So it is usually tied near the tip of a cord.

But you could use it anywhere on a cord, when a sturdy knot is needed, since it doesn’t untie easily. 

Make a Loop  

Step 1: You need one piece of material, at least 12 inches long. Make a loop in the center by crossing the left half over the right.

The working end is now on your right. The other is called the standing end, and is used to hold the knot.


Wrap Around   Step 2: Wrap the working end around the standing end in a clockwise direction.

Rotate Working End Again   Step 3: Rotate the working end to the left, passing under the standing end.

Pass End Thru Loop   Step 4: Bring the working end up and through the loop at the top of the knot (over - under).

Tighten Gradually  

Step 5: This is what the knot looks like as you begin tightening it, which is easier to do if the ends are horizontal.

Pull both ends gradually, making sure the coils are next to each other without overlapping.


Stopper Knots  

This is a Figure Eight knot, which can come apart easily. Two Stevedores were used to hold the ends in place.

By tying each knot around both cords, the ends could not slide out of the Figure Eight Knot.


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