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Chinese Step Knot

Chinese Step Knot


Description: The Chinese Step Knot is also known as the Triple Connection Knot. The design resembles a bead when completed.

You can use this decorative knot at the tips of the cords during the finishing steps. It can also be tied anywhere on the cord, not just the tips.

This Chinese Macrame knot works best if the cord material is more than 2mm thick, or it doesnÂ’t show up well.

It works great if you are using Satin cord, which has a beautiful sheen and is very soft and luxurious. 

Since this material is slippery, a tight knot is needed in some cases, and this one is a great choice.


You need one piece of cord material, at least 12 inches long (to practice).
  Clockwise Loop  

Step 1: Secure one end to your board. This is called the standing end.

Use the other end to make a clockwise loop, so that the crossing point is on the left.

Make sure you secure the crossed area.


  Wrap 3 Time  

Step 2: Wrap the working end around the standing end three times, moving right to left.

Keep the coils firmly wrapped, or it's harder to tighten the knot.


  End Through Loop  

Step 3: Pass the working end through the folded area, which looks like a loop now.  Pass it through from front to back.

I moved the loop down slightly, so you could see the details better.


  Tighten the Knot  

Tighten the knot by pulling on the standing end first. This reduces the size of the loop.

Pull on the working end to adjust the wrapped area.


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