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Chinese Step Knot

Step Knot

Description: The Chinese Step Knot is also known as the Triple Connection Knot. The design resembles a bead when completed. 

It can be tied anywhere on a cord, and is often placed near one end.  It can be used in both preparation and finishing steps.

This Chinese Macrame knot works best if the cord material is more than 2mm thick, or it doesnÂ’t show up well. Parachute cord was used in the example shown.

This is a great knot for slippery materials like Satin, Silk, or Nylon.  It has a very strong hold and does not untie easily. 

The Step knot is a variation of the Stevedore Knot.

It has only two loops, so is much smaller. 

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Tying Instructions

To practice, you need one cord, at least 15 inches long. 

Secure one end to your board on the right, arranged horizontally.  

  Step 1: Make a clockwise loop, passing the working end under the secured end.

Secure the cord at the crossing point.

  Step 2: Wrap the working end snugly around the secured end 3 - 5 times.  Make sure the coils don't overlap.


Step 3:  Pass the working end through the loop from the top, which is over - under.



Step 4: Tighten the knot by pulling on the secured end first, to reduce the size of the loop.

Then pull on both ends until the knot is firm.


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