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 Snake Braid

Snake Braid

Description:  The Snake Braid is sometimes called the Snake Weave as well as the Cross Braid.  The sennit is formed by crossing cords and has a small amount of weaving as well.  It's easy to make and suitable for kid's and beginner's projects.

This plait is usually tied around a loop.  Not so in this case.  The ends are free, to make the crossings easier to manage.

In the example shown, a simple loop is formed at the top, with a Square Knot.  Since this decorative knot is suitable for Macrame bracelets and belts, you will need to form a loop for a clasp, and this method is one option. 

You can use a different knot for the loop and in the finishing steps if you prefer a different technique.

Be sure to use a project board and pins while learning this style of braiding. 

Here are other types of braid styles you may wish to learn:

Preparation:  You need two cords, at least 36 inches long, to practice the Snake Braid.  

When using Paracord, melt the tips of the cords to seal the inner fibers.

Two Cords

Step 1:  Fold one cord in half and secure it to your board at the center (color A).

Fold the second cord, and place it under the first one as shown (color B).

Square Knot

Step 2:  Tie a Square knot with the color B cord. 

The fillers are color A

Tighten it firmly after adjusting the size of the loop at the top.

Right to Left

Step 3:  Mentally label the ends as shown.  The two halves of Color B are the working cords, and color A are the fillers.

Move the right working cord to the left on an angle.

Pass it over both fillers.

Left to Right

Step 4:  Move the left working cord under the left filler, and over the right working cord.

Pass it under the right filler as you pull it to the right, on an angle.

Pull the ends firmly, so the crossing point rests just below the Square Knot (see next image).  Secure the crossed area. 

Cross Color A

Step 5:  Cross the fillers left over right.

Pull the ends firmly, so the crossed area is below the one from step 4.  Secure it to your board.

You tighten the Snake Braid as you progress rather than at the end.

Important:  Before moving on, check to make sure the working cords still rest over the filler on the left and under at the right.

Left End

Step 6:  The cords have switched places, so the left working cord is now on the right

Move it over both fillers heading diagonally, right to left. 

Right End

Step 7:  Move the right working cord (now on the left) to the right, passing under - over - under the three cords.

Pull the ends firmly, so the crossed area moves up below the one from step 5.

Repeat step 5, crossing the filler cord that's now on the left over the right.

Before moving on, check the placement of the working cords.


Step 8:  Repeat steps 3 - 7 several times, until the Snake Braid is the size you want.

Stop on step 5, so you end by crossing the fillers.

Below is one option for securing the bottom of the Snake Braid.

Since a Square knot was to make the loop at the top, it was used here as well.  

Right Cord
<< Tie a right Square knot, by moving the working cord on the right first.

  Make sure the fillers remain crossed, just above the area where you are tying the knot.

Completed Knot  >>
Square knot

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