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Round Brocade Knot

Round Brocade knot

Description:  The Round Brocade knot represents the concept of completeness, balance and good fortune.  In some books it's called the Chinese Flower knot.

In the center is a round crisscrossed area. On the outside are five loops, which can be any size. 

This decorative knot is a challenge to construct.  I recommend you make the loops as large as possible when you first learn it.  After you have practiced the first time, repeat the same process and make the loops smaller.

2018 Update:  Changes were made to the text and images, so contact me if you need the original page.  The name has been changed, too.

Butterfly Earrings

These Butterfly Earrings feature the Round Brocade Knot along with a Chinese Button Knot. 

They are challenging to make, but give it a try after you have practiced both knots a few times.

Click on the image or link to visit the page.

Step 1:  Cut one cord at least 72 inches long.  Try to use 2mm to 3mm size material when practicing the Round Brocade Knot, so there is more room to work.

Mentally label each half (right and left).  Secure every loop and bight after you make them.

Here is the key to the images and instructions:
  • LOOPS = Labeled 1 - 5
  • BIGHTS = Labeled A - D
  • BACKWARD = Toward the back of the board
  • FORWARD = Toward the front of the board
  • ARROWS (>>>) = Show direction and angle

Loop 1

Step 1:   Secure the cord at the center.  Secure the left half closer to the front of your board.

Make a clockwise loop with the right half of the cord, passing it under the left half.  Mentally label it loop 1.

Bight A

Move the right half diagonally to the left, then curve it to form bight A. 

Move it backward diagonally to the right, passing it over the left half of the cord.

Loop 2

Step 2:  Rotate the right half of the cord clockwise to form loop 2, passing it under at the crossing point.

Move the cord under loop 1.

Bight B

Curve the right half of the cord to the left, forming bight B.

Move it forward and to the right diagonally, passing it over everything in it's path. 

Loop 3

Step 3:  Rotate the right half of the cord clockwise to make loop 3 on the right.

Pass it under at the crossing point and under loop 2.


Move the right half of the cord through loop 1, passing under the right side of it (from below).  

Move it forward, passing it over everything in it's path.  It should rest to the right of the left half.

Designer's Tip:  Before moving on, make sure you can clearly see the loops and bights.

The second half of the Round Brocade knot is where all the weaving takes place, and you will need to identify different parts of the knot.

Bight C

Step 4: Move the left half of the cord backward vertically, passing it under - under - over - over bights A and B.

Mentally label it bight C.

Loop 4

Step 5:  Rotate the left half counter-clockwise to make loop 4 on the left.

Weave it to the right through bights A and C, passing it  over - over - under - under the four segments. 

Bring it over the right half of the cord and over - under loop 3.

Bight D

Move the left half of the cord back to the left, passing it under the right half of the cord.  Mentally label it as bight D.

Weave it through bights A and C, passing it through the four segments under - under - over - over

Loop 5

Step 6:  Rotate the left half counter-clockwise to make loop 5

Move it through the knot diagonally, by passing it over - over - under - under the first four segments (bights C and D).

Pass it over the next four segments and under the last one (loop 2).


Pass the left half of the cord under loops 2 and 3, heading forward.

Last Weaving

Pass the left half under the next three segments, heading left horizontally.

Then curve it slightly so it's more vertical, and pass it  over the last two segments.  Make sure this takes place to the right of loop 5, not through it.


Step 7:  Identify and secure the crook of loops 1 - 5.

Remove the pins from all the bights. 

Pull all five loops and both ends to tighten the bights, which form the center of the Round Brocade knot.


Reduce the size of each loop in the order they were made.

This Round Brocade Knot usually looks like a flower, but you can increase the size of two loops if you want a butterfly shape.

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