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 Linked Loop Mount

Linked Loop Mount

Description:   The Linked Loop Mount is a combination knot, since part of the loops are made with the Overhand knot.  

The ends are attached to a holding cord, dowel or ring with Double Half Hitches.  Each knot is connected to the one next to it.

This Macrame technique can also be used as a way to finish items where you need loops along the lower edge. 

Make sure you know how to tie Double Half Hitches before you get started.

Preparation:   You need 5 working cords to practice, and something to hold the knots (cord, ring or dowel). 

Secure the center of each cord to you board, resting side-by-side (upper pin). 

Move down at least 1 inch and secure that spot as well (lower pin). 

The distance between the two pins is what determines the height of the Linked Loop Mount.

Place the item holding the knots on top of the cords, close to the lower pin.   

Use the lower portion of the cords to tie a Double Half Hitch (DHH).  Move right to left and tie the knots in a clockwise direction.

The top portion is used to create the loops in the following steps.

Tighten the knots firmly so the item holding the knots rests against the second set of pins.  You can now remove lower pins if you wish.

Mentally number the cords from right to left. 

Working Cord 1

Step 1:  Position cord 2 so it's vertical.  It's the holding cord for the first knot.

Make a counter-clockwise loop with the top half of cord 1, passing under - over cord 2.

The top of this loop should rest at the center of the cord, which is where the upper pin is placed.  

Design Tip:  You can temporarily remove the pin at the center, and then re-secure BOTH cords with the same pin.

Second Loop

Step 2:  Make a second counter-clockwise loop, passing cord 1 under cord 2.

The end should pass over cord 1 at the left.

This loop is part of the Overhand knot.

Overhand Knot

Step 3:  Complete the Overhand knot by passing the end of cord 1 through the second loop under - over (from below).


Step 4:  Pass the top half of cord 1 under the item holding the knots.  Tie a DHH to attach it.

Make sure it's to the left of the DHH tied with the lower half of the same cord.  You can move the knots if needed.

Important:  Keep the upper pin in place while tying the knots, then you can remove it.

It's best to tie the knot counter-clockwise for cord 1 (see image above).

The remaining knots should be tied clockwise.

Cord 2

Step 5:  Secure cord 3 vertically.  It will hold the next knot.

Use cord 2 and repeat steps 1 - 3 to make another loop.


Step 6:  Slide the DHH made by cord 1, and the lower portion of cord 2 to the right.

Position the top half of cord 2 in the space, under the item holding the knots.

Use it to tie another DHH, which rests to the left of the knot tied with the lower half.


Continue tying the Linked Loop Mount by repeating steps 1 - 4 with each cord.

Make sure the DHH made by the top half of each cord is placed to the left of the one made with the lower half.

Do not tie an Overhand knot with cord 5.  Just fold it and attach it as you did the others.


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Have any comments about the Linked Loop Mount? Contact Me.

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