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Linen Stitch

Linen Stitch

Description: The Linen Stitch is a very simple way to collect a group of cords together in one bundle.

In Vintage patterns, this decorative knot is sometimes called a Collecting or Gathering knot.

For example: You are making a plant hanger that uses several cords. You need some way to keep the cords all bundled together at the bottom.

A Macrame knot like this one can be used.

A similar decorative knot you should practice is the Wrapped Knot.

The main difference is that you use a separate cord to make that knot, where in this design the working cord is one already present.

Below the first set of instructions I have added an unusual variation.  It's called the Progressive Linen Stitch, and can be used in ways other than as a finishing knot.
  Several Cords  

Step 1: To practice, secure several cords to your work surface or project board.

The cord furthest to the right is the working cord. The rest form the core, which is another name for fillers or holding cords.


  Half Hitch  

Step 2: Wrap the working cord around the others, by passing it under - over, moving clockwise.

As you bring it to the right, pass under the portion of the working cord (marked with a U).


  Wrap Several Times   Step 3: Wrap the working cord firmly around the core several times, below the knot tied in step 2.

Stop when the Linen Stitch is the size you want.

  Leave a Space   Step 4: Pull a small segment to the right, to leave a space. You can secure it if you wish.  

  Pass End Thru Space   Step 5: Wrap one more time, passing the end through the space.  

  Use a Different Cord   Step 6: Choose a different cord from the bundle, and repeat steps 4 and 5.

Make sure it goes around the first working cord.

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Progressive Linen Stitch

Progressive Linen Stitch

Description: This variation is made by wrapping the working cord around different cords making up the core.

It produces a very interesting design, which can be used as a strap for a purse, or even a simple bracelet.


Four Cords  

Step 1: You will need 4 cords to practice this knot.

Mentally number the cords 1 - 4.

The working cord is 4, which is on the right.


Wrap Around Cords 2 and 3  

Step 2: Wrap the working cord around 2 and 3. 

Do not include cord 1.

Pass under them first, and then over, as you bring cord 4 to the right.


Wrap Around Cords 1 and 2  

Step 3: Pass the working cord under all 3 cords.

Move the end over cords 1 and 2, and under cord 3, as you bring it back to the right.



Do you understand how this works yet?

You wrap around 2 and 3, and then switch to 1 and 2.

So to start the next wrap, bring the working cord under cord 2.

It should be brought to the front between cords 1 and 2.  Bring it over cords 2 and 3 again (step 2).

Repeat steps 2 and 3 at least one more time.


Make a Half Hitch  

Step 4: For the final wrap, bring the working cord around cords 1 - 3.

Bring the end under a portion of the working cord to make a Half Hitch.

You can now switch cords, and tie a second knot, just like you do with the standard type of Linen Stitch.

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