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Jagged Ladder Bar

Jagged Ladder Bar

Description: The Jagged Ladder Bar features horizontal elements resembling a ladder, made with two colors.

Try to use a dark color with a light one for added contrast.

This decorative knot is wide and relatively flat, and makes a great Paracord bracelet. You can also use it for key rings, belts, straps, and much more.

It's easy to tie and is a great way for beginners and children to become familiar with knotting and Macrame.



I found this design on the Fusion Knots website

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the link or image to visit.

The video gallery contains tutorials for this and other interesting knotting techniques and designs.


Fusion Knots Website


Step 1: You need two 60-inch cords to practice the Jagged Ladder Bar.

The dark color should be the first cord, with the light one as the second.

Fold the first cord in half, and secure it at the center (fold at bottom). 

Move up 8 inches and secure both ends there as well. 

Important:  When making something that requires a clasp, a button, bead or button knot would be placed at the center of the first cord.  

The folded portion (between the pins) should be the size you need for the bracelet. 

So for a 7-inch bracelet, move up 7 inches from the center to start the design.


Loop with Right Working End  

The working ends should be at the top.

The 8-inch loop is called the short portion.

Make a small clockwise loop with the working end on the right.


Loop with Left Working End  

Step 2: Bring the left working end over the right, and under the short portion.

Pass it through the loop on the right under - over.


Add the Second Cord  

Step 3: Tighten the loops slightly. Start on the right and pass the second cord through the right loop under - over.

Then pass it through the left loop over - under. Match the ends to center the cord.


Right Goes Over Fillers  

Step 4: Pull up a small segment of the second cord if you need a loop for a clasp (optional).

Bring the right end of the second cord over the short portion, so it curves horizontally.

Make sure there is space to the right of the short portion.


Left Goes Under Fillers   Step 5: Bring the left end of the second cord under the short portion, curving horizontally.

Make sure there is space to the left of the short portion.

Wrap Around Ends  

Step 6: Wrap the right end of the first cord around both ends of the second cord, from front to back.

It should come out through the right space.


Wrap Around Ends  

Step 7: Move the left end of the first cord around both ends of the second cord, so it comes out through the left space.

Pull on all four ends until the knot is snug.


Repeat Steps 4 and 5   Step 8: Repeat steps 4 and 5, crossing the second cord.

Remember that the right end goes over the short portion and the left end is under it.

Repeat Steps 6 and 7  

Step 9: Repeat steps 6 and 7, passing the two ends of the first cord around the ends of the 2nd cord.


Step 10: Repeat steps 4 - 7 several more times, until the Jagged Ladder Bar is the size you want. 

You need to tie another knot, so be sure to leave some space at the bottom.

Step 11: To finish, tie a Square Knot with the ends of the first cord around the other two as well as the short portion.

Completed Bar  

Cut the cords close to the knot, or weave them through the back of the design. 

Use glue to hold them in place.

Melt the tips with a flame if using Paracord.


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