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 Icelandic Dream Bar

Icelandic Dream Bar

Description:  The Icelandic Dream Bar is a unique decorative knot that forms a wide, flat band suitable for Paracord Bracelets, belts, and other similar Macrame projects.

In the images I used nylon Paracord in three colors, but you can use two colors if you wish to make changes. 

The loop at the top is optional, but can be used as part of a clasp for a bracelet or belt.

This knot design is listed on the Fusion Knots website. Be sure visit the site by clicking on this image or link.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of decorative knots and techniques. 

Fusion Knots

Cut 3 cords, each at least 7 times the finished length of the item you want to make with the Icelandic Bar. 

Add extra if you want a button knot for a clasp. 

In the images, color A is  light blue, color B is dark blue, and color C is purple.


Step 1:  Make a loop with color A, crossing the ends right over left.

Pass the other two cords through the loop so that 1/3 of the length rests behind the crossed area. 

The rest (2/3) should be in front of it.  Color B should be on the left.

Right SK

Use the ends of color A to tie a right Square Knot around both halves of colors B and C.

Adjust the size of the loop at the top.

Important:  When describing the primary knots for the Icelandic Dream Bar, I refer to the ends as front and back.

The front portion of the cord is the half resting in front of the crossed area of the loop you just made, and is the long half.

The back portion is the short half of the cord.


Step 2:  Separate the two halves of color B (left).

The back portion should be pulled to the left (short).

Form a bight with color A and place it on top of the back portion.  It should be diagonal as shown.


Step 3:  Move the front portion of color B over the bight, heading left. 

It should cross over the back portion, too.

Under and Through

Step 4:  Bring the front portion of color B under the end of color A.

Make sure it passes under the back portion of color B as you pull it through the bight under - over (towards the right).


Tighten the knot firmly.

Make sure the portion of color B in front of the bight is flat and not twisted.

Right Side

Step 5:  To start the right side of the Icelandic Dream Bar, separate the two halves of color C, pulling the back half to the right.

Form a bight with color A, placing it on top of the back portion.

Cross Over

Step 6:  Cross the front portion of color C over the bight as well as the back portion, as you move it right.

Under and Through

Step 7:  Move the front portion of color C under the end of color A.

Pull it through the bight under - over, making sure it passes under the back half of color C.

Cross Front Halves

Step 8:  Tighten the knot firmly.

Locate the front halves of cords C and B.  Cross them right over left.

The back halves should rest on either side of them, in preparation for the next set of knots. 

Step 9:  By crossing the cords, the colors have shifted. 

It's more important to focus on the front versus back portions rather than the colors.  

Always use cord A to make the bights, which should rest on the back portion.

Try to keep the angle of the bights the same throughout the rest of the bar.

Repeat 2 - 4
<<< Repeat steps 2 - 4 to make the next knot on the left.

Repeat steps 5 - 7 to make the next knot on the right. >>>
Repeat 5 - 7


Step 10:  Repeat steps 2 - 9 several more times, until the Icelandic Dream Bar is the size you need.


Step 11:  Finish the bar by tying a Square Knot with color A around the other 4 ends.

When making a Button knot:  The best cords to use for the clasp of the Icelandic Dream Bar are the filler cords to the outside (color B and C). 

It's best not to use color A.

Finish off the others by moving them to the back and weaving them into the back of the knots.  Use glue to hold them in place.

The Knife Knot is the best button knot to use as a clasp, since it can be made with 2 cords.  

There is no need to fold the cord in step 1, just use both ends.

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Have any comments about the Icelandic Dream Bar? Contact Me.

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