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Empty Diamond

 Empty Diamond


Description: The Empty Diamond is a very unique design. I found this vintage decorative knot in a book written in the late 1800's.

The reason this diamond is considered empty is due to the fact that the cords do not pass through the center.  They are isolated to the top and bottom edges of the diamond, creating an open space.

You can finish off the cords in the back of the diamond, if you want to use it as a pendant.  You must make it with material that can be heat fused to the back surface, such as Olefin, Nylon, or Polyester. 



Make sure you know the difference between holding and working cords.

Click on the image to view the Double Half Hitch instructions, if you don't already know how to tie them in diagonal rows.


Top Portion of Empty Diamond

Step 1: Secure 10 cords to your board with pins. They should be at least 24 inches long.

Cords 5 and 6 are a different color to provide a touch of contrast, and make the diamond more appealing.

Cords 5 & 6

Mentally number the cords 1 - 10.

Cross cord 6 over cord 5, heading left. Secure it at the crossing point.


Step 2:  Tie a clockwise Half Hitch with cord 5, onto cord 6.  

Slide it up next to the pin, then tie another one to the left of the first. 

Two Half Hitches = One Double Half Hitch (DHH)


Step 2, continued:  Move cord 5 to the right, on a diagonal slant.  Move cord 6 to the left.  Secure both cords, and make sure they have tension

Remember that the holding cords determine the overall shape of the diamond, so adjust the angle until you like the shape. 


Cord 4

Step 3:  Tie a clockwise DHH with cord 4, onto holding cord 6.

Move it next to the DHH you tied in step 2.


Cord 3

Step 4: Move cord 4 to the right of holding cord 6, on the same diagonal slant.  It now becomes another holding cord.

Attach cord 3 to holding cords 6 and 4 with a DHH.

Cord 2

Step 5: Bring cord 3 to the right of the other holding cords, and secure it in place.

Attach cord 2 to holding cords 6, 4, and 3 with a DHH.

Make sure you tighten the knot more than the first two, so the width is the same.

Designer's Tip:  The group of holding cords should always be neatly arranged. 

This will result in a straighter row of knots, and make it easier to reverse direction when you create the bottom of the Empty Diamond.

Cord 1

Step 6: Bring cord 2 to the right of the other holding cords, then secure it.

Attach cord 1 to holding cords 6, 4, 3, and 2 with a DHH. 

Make sure this knot is TIGHT, so the bar is the same width in this area.

Right Side

Step 7:  To make the upper right side of the Empty Diamond, tie counter-clockwise DHH as follows:

  • Attach cord 7 to holding cord 5.
  • Attach cord 8 to holding cords 7 and 5.
  • Attach cord 9 to holding cords 8, 7, and 5.
  • Attach cord 10 to holding cords 9, 8, 7, and 5.

Step 7, continued:  Remember to increase the tightness of the DHH made with cords 9 and 10, so the bar is as even as possible.

Before moving on, place a pin through all 4 holding cords on each side, next to the last DHH tied.   Make sure the two rows of DHH are straight.


 Lower Portion of Empty Diamond

For the top portion of the Empty Diamond, you took a working cord and turned it into a holding cord, which is considered adding

Now you will reverse the process, and subtract one cord in each step. So after you complete each step below, push the working cord aside and don't use it again.

To the Right

Step 8: Move the left group of holding cords to the right, on the same diagonal slant as the top portion.

Secure them so they all have tension, and cord 6 is at the top of the group.

Move cord 1 under the entire group, heading left.

Cord 1

Step 9:  Attach cord 1 to all four holding cords with a  counter-clockwise DHH.  Make sure it's TIGHT.

As you tighten, push the knot close to the last DHH in the top half, but not completely against it (see next image).

Leaving a small gap will create a better angle at the corner, and allow the second color (blue) to show.

Cord 2

Step 10: Use cord 2 next, tying a DHH onto holding cords 3, 4, and 6.

Step 11: Use cord 3 to tie a DHH onto holding cords 4 and 6.

Use cord 4 to tie a DHH onto holding cord 6.

These knots do not need to be as tight as those made in the previous steps. 

Right Side

Step 12:  To make the lower right area of the Empty Diamond, tie clockwise DHH:
  • Attach cord 10 to holding cords 7 - 9 and 5.
  • Attach cord 9 to holding cords 7, 8, and 5.
  • Attach cord 8 to holding cords 7 and 5.
  • Attach cord 7 to holding cord 5.


Step 13:  Close the diamond by attaching cord 6 (left) to holding cord 5 (right). 

The ends of all the cords can now be finished off, or used to tie other knots.

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