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Empty Diamond

 Empty Diamond


Description: The Empty Diamond is a very unique diamond design. I found this vintage decorative knot in a book written in the late 1800's. It's not used very often in modern Macrame projects.

The reason this diamond is considered empty is due to the fact that the ends do not pass through the center in any way.  They are isolated to the top and bottom of the diamond, creating an open space in the center. 

You can also eliminate the cords on the outside edges of the diamond, which means this design can be used as a pendant.

The key to successfully making this knot is to tighten all the Double Half Hitches as much as possible, so the four edges are as slender as you can make them. 

It's very important to keep the holding cords flat and arranged neatly. 

Make sure you know the difference between holding and working cords, and that you know how to tie a Double Half Hitch.  




Fold five 36-inch cords and secure them to your board with pins.

These are the pins that will be removed later (Steps 2, 4, 5)

The first holding cord should be in the center

I used a different color for instruction purposes only.  In an actual project, it should be the same color as the others.

Five Cords Folded

Mentally number the working cords 1 - 4 and 5 - 8 (brown).

First Holding Cord

Move the ends of the holding cord to the right and left. 

Make sure they are secured well, and have tension.



 Top of Empty Diamond

Half Hitch Cord 4

Step 1:  Tie the first clockwise Half Hitch with cord 4, by passing it over - under the holding cord, and over  cord 4 as you pull it to the right.


Step 1, continued: Tie a second Half Hitch, placing it to the left of the first.  

Push the knots close to the folded area of the holding cord.

Cord 4 = Holding Cord

Step 2: Bring cord 4 down, so it rests to the right of the first holding cord.  It now becomes the second holding cord.

Remove the pin at the folded area of cord 3 - 4.

Tie a clockwise DHH with it onto both holding cords. 

Important:   Removing the pins during specific steps is an essential part of the Empty Diamond design. 

You do this to remove the slack in the area above the holding cord, to create the smooth edge on the outside. 

Make sure you tighten the knots as much as you can, and that they rest against each other without overlapping.

DHH Around 3 Cords

Step 3: Bring cord 3 down and secure it beside the other holding cords. 

Use cord 2 to tie a DHH, onto all three holding cords.

Make sure you tighten the knot as much as possible.

Design Tip:  Notice how the three holding cords are neatly arranged.  Each time you bring a cord down, it should rest to the right of the others

This way, when you get to the bottom section, you can reverse the process more easily.

DHH Around 4 Cords

Step 4: Bring cord 2 down with the others and secure it to the right. 

Remove the pin from the folded area of cord 1 - 2.

Use cord 1 to tie a DHH onto all 4 holding cords.

Important: Carefully tighten this knot, so the Empty Diamond will be more attractive when it's finished.

Detail of Top Portion

Step 5:  Repeat steps 1 - 4 on the right, attaching working cords 5 - 8 in the same manner.

The Half Hitches should be tied rotating clockwise. 

Push the first knot you tie close to the first one on the left, at the top point of the triangle.


 Bottom of Empty Diamond

For the top portion of the diamond, you took a working cord and turned it into a holding cord, which is considered adding

Now you will reverse the process, and subtract one cord in each step.

Step 6: Move the left group of holding cords right, towards the center. 

Secure them so they all have tension, and the first holding cord is at the top of the group.

DHH With Cord 1

Cord 1 is used first, since it's the last one you used for the top half.  Tie a DHH around the other 4 cords.

Make sure the two Half Hitches are as close to the ones in the top half as possible (to cover the corner).

After you are finished, push cord 1 to the side, and don't use it again.

Use Cord 2 Next

Step 7: Use cord 2 to tie the next DHH onto the other three cords. Then push it off to the side.

Cord 2 is the one at the bottom of the bundle, furthest from the first holding cord.

Use Cord 3

Step 8: Use cord 3 next, which is now at the bottom. Tie the DHH around the other two cords.  Push cord 3 off to the side. 

Step 9:  Use cord 4 to tie a DHH around the first holding cord.

Tie Holding Cords

Step 10: Repeat steps 6 - 9 to make the lower right portion of the Empty Diamond.

Step 11: Tie the ends of the holding cord together.  In this image, I attached the left one to the right, but you can do the opposite.

Finished Edges

Step 12 (optional):  Pull the ends so they rest in the back of the diamond. 

Apply glue to the areas where the cords exit each knot. When it's dry, cut off the ends close to the back surface.

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