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Emperor Snake Knot

Emperor Snake Knot

Description:   The Emperor Snake knot is related to the Chinese Snake Knot. You simply add two extra loops.  

You need to tie several of these knots to get the full serpentine effect.  The knots are usually placed close together as shown above.  But the sennit can be stretched to separate the knots, or you can apply beads between them.

This is a great knot for key chains, Paracord bracelets, belts and similar Macrame projects.

The Slipknot included in the instructions is optional

This knot is listed on the Fusion Knots website.

  Click on the image to visit the site.

 The video gallery contains tutorials for many unique decorative knots.

Fusion Knots

Step 1:  To practice the Emperor Snake Knot, cut one cord at least 60 inches long. 

For a Macrame project, the cord should be at least 15 x the finished length you plan to make.


Fold the cord in half and secure it to your board.  Cross the right half over the left.


To complete the Slipknot, fold the left half of the cord to form a bight.

Pass it into the loop over - under.

Step 1, continued:  To tighten the Slipknot, pull the bight to tighten the loop.  Then adjust the size of the bight by pulling on the left half of the cord.

Make sure the two halves of the cord are the same length, making adjustments as needed.

Loop A

Step 2: Mentally re-label the two halves of the cord where they are now.

Use the right half to make a clockwise loop, passing over - under the left half.  As you pull it right, pass it under the right half.

Mentally label it loop A.

Loop B

Pass the left half under the right half, heading backward. 

Moving counter-clockwise, pass it over both halves, then under the crook of loop A as you bring it to the left. 

Mentally label it loop B.


Balance the two loops so they are close to the same size.  You can tighten them slightly, but leave room for the next step.

Loop C

Step 3:  Move the right half counter-clockwise to make loop C.

Pass it under the right side of loop B, then over the other two segments as you pull it toward you.

Loop D

Move the left half clockwise to make loop D.

Pass it over the left side of loop A, then under the other segments as you pull it toward you.

Tighten A - B

Step 4: To tighten the Emperor Snake Knot, first pull on loops C and D.  This will tighten loops A and B.

The best place to pull is the portion that's closest to you, which is marked with an X in this image.

Tighten C - D

Tighten loops C and D.

Repeat 2

Step 5:  To make the rest of the Emperor Snake Knot, you repeat the same process:

Repeat step 2 to make loops A and B.

Repeat 3 - 4

Repeat steps 3 - 4 to make loops C and D.


Step 6:  Repeat steps 2 - 4 several times, until the Emperor Snake Knot is the size you need for your project.

Try to make the loops smaller than what is shown in the images, so they are easier to tighten.


You can tighten the knots so they are close together, or with some space between them.

Another option is to add beads to decorate the sennit.

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