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Emperor Snake Knot

Emperor Snake Knot

Description:   The Emperor Snake knot is a combination of the technique used to make the Chinese Snake Knot with extra loops.  

You should tie several of these decorative knots to get the full serpentine effect.  

Each knot is separate from the others, so this design can be easily stretched to show the individual knots.  Beads can be applied between the knots, too.

This is a great knot design for Macrame key rings, Paracord bracelets, and belts.

The Slipknot included in the instructions is optional. 

This knot is listed on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the image to visit the site.

 The video gallery contains tutorials for many unique decorative knots.

Fusion Knots


Step 1:  To practice, cut one cord at least 60 inches long.

Fold it in half and secure it to your board.  Cross the right half over the left.


Step 2:  To complete the Slipknot, form a bight with the left half of the cord, which is now on the right.

Pass it through the loop over - under (from the top).

To tighten, pull the right half while holding the bight.  Adjust the size of the bight by pulling on the left half.

Clockwise Loop

Step 3:  Secure the Slipknot to your board. Mentally label the two halves of the cord where they are now.

Use the right half to make a clockwise loop, passing over - under the left half. 

As you pull it right, it should rest under the right half.


Step 4:  Pass the left half under the right, and make a counter-clockwise loop.

Bring it through the loop on the left from the top, which is over - under.

New Loop

Step 5:  Use the right half to make a new counter-clockwise loop for the side of the Emperor Snake Knot.

Pass the end under the top area of the right loop, then over the segment that passes through it, and over the lower portion.

New Loop

Step 6:  Using the left half, make the new loop in a clockwise direction.

Pass the end over the top area of the left loop, then under the segment in the center, and under the lower portion.


Step 7:  To tighten the Emperor Snake Knot, first pull on the second set of loops (steps 5 and 6).  This will tighten the first two.

Pull on the ends to tighten the 2nd set of loops. 

Repeat steps 3 - 6 when you are ready to tie the next knot.


You can add beads to the two cords between each knot.

In this image I tied 2 knots followed by a bead.

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Have any comments about the Emperor Snake Knot? Contact Me.

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