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Double Loop Wrap

Double Loop Wrap

Description:  The Double Loop Wrap has elements similar to a Wrapped knot, and it looks like a Barrel knot

What's nice about this decorative knot is that both loops are adjustable.  When you enlarge one loop, the other becomes smaller.  Pulling the end will also change the size of one loop.

It's best to use the ends for other knots, or finish them off somehow, so you can control the size of the loops.

This knot design can be used for items like Macrame earrings, where you need two loops to attach hooks and beads.   It's also a good way to suspend plant hangers and hanging tables if you don't have a ring at the top.

Special Note:  I do not know the official name for this nautical knot, so if anyone has information about it, please contact me.

To practice, you need one cord, at least 36 inches long. 

When including this knot in a Macrame project, add an extra 12 inches to the cord lengths required for the item you are making.

Two Bights

Step 1:  Secure one end of the cord to your board.  Move the working end to the left and make Bight A

Bring it back to the right and then to the left, to make Bight B.

Both bights will become the two loops later on.

Third Area

Step 2:   Move the working end to the right, passing it between Bights A and B.

This forms the third area (X), which is an important part of the wrapped element.

Step 3:  Begin wrapping the working end by crossing it over to the area between bight B and area X, at the top of the Double Loop Wrap design.

Next, move it under that area.


Bring it towards you, to the front. 

Keep wrapping, moving right to left, towards area X.  You can wrap as many times as you wish.

Pass End Through

Step 4:  After several wraps, the three bights will look like loops (A, B, X).

Pass the working end through area X on the left, from front to back.

Pull Secured End

Step 5:  Pull the SECURED end of the cord. 

Area X will move inside the wrapped portion, securing the working end. 

The Double Loop Wrap is finished, so you can now use the ends for other knots or finish them off.

To adjust the size of Loop B, pull on Loop A.

To adjust Loop A, pull on Loop B or the secured end.

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Have any comments about the Double Loop Wrap? Contact Me.

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