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Crashing Waves Bar

Crashing Waves Bar

Description:  The Crashing Waves Bar gets its name from the crossed segments that look like ocean ripples, on the front.   As you can see, both sides have interesting features, so this design is considered reversible.

This is a very unique decorative knot that has similar features as Endless Falls.

You could use this design for a Macrame belt, bracelet, or any project where you need a slender chain of knots.

The material used in the example is 4mm Paracord.  Be sure to melt the ends with a flame to prepare (and finish) this type of material.

I found this knot on the Fusion Knots website

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the image or link to visit his site. 

The video gallery contains tutorials for a wide variety of combination knots and techniques.

Fusion Knots


Loop for Clasp

Preparation and Loop

To practice the Crashing Waves Bar, cut two cords 60 inches long (two colors).

When making a project with this knot, the length of the cords need to be 9 times the size you plan to make.

In the images, color A is dark blueColor B is light blue.


Make a loop in the center of the color A cord, crossing right over left.

Slide the second cord through the loop over - under as shown.  Match the center of this cord with the other.

Color A

Move color B down slightly.  Pass the right half in front of the crossed area of color A.

Move the left half behind the crossed area.

Right to Left

Move the portion of the color A cord that's resting on the right towards the left.

Bring it over the color B cords, and under the left portion of the color A cord.

Left to Right

Move the left portion of color A under color B, and over the right portion, as you move it to the right.

Adjust the size of the loop, and then tighten the Half Knot by pulling firmly on the ends.

The loop is optional, so if you don't want it, just pull down on the color A cords as you tighten.

Macrame Cord Divider


Crashing Waves Design

Each knot in the Crashing Waves Bar is made with three cords.  But they are not always the same ones.

Pay close attention to which cords are being moved, and where they are placed. It helps if you label the 4 ends with tape.

Cross Cords

Step 1:  Move cord 2 (color B) over cord 3

Move cord 4 over cords 2 and 3, forming a crossed area.

Fold Cord 3

Step 2:  Move cord 3 upward, folding it over the crossed area.

Bring the cord through the space on the right, passing under cord 4 as you pull it right.

Next Knot

Step 3:  To make the next knot in the Crashing Waves Bar, move cord 3 under cord 2

Bring it over cord 4.  Move cord 1 over cords 3 and 4, creating the crossed area.

Cord 3 is the one you folded in the last step.

Fold Cord 4

Step 4: Move cord 4 upward, folding it over the crossed area.

Bring the cord through the space on the left, passing under cord 1 as you pull it left.

Here is another way to look at the steps:  The crossed area is made by the cord you folded in the previous step, along with the one on the outside. Always cross left over right.

The third cord, in the center, is used to make the next folded loop.  You pass it through the right space when you are working on the right. 

For the left, the end goes through the left space.  Both spaces are on the outside, if that's easier to remember.

Step 5: Below are the steps for making the next knot in the Crashing Waves Bar:

<< Move cord 4 under 3, and then pass it over cord 1.

Move cord 2 over 1 and 4, to form the crossed area.

Fold cord 1 up and over the
cross, and through the
space on the right.  >>

Step 6: Continue on in the same manner, until the Crashing Waves Bar is the size you need for your project. 

Alternate from right to left as you progress.

Macrame Cord Divider

Finishing the Bar


Step 7:  Select the two cords furthest to the right and left.

Cross them right over left, on top of the other two cords.


Step 8:  Fold the two cords in the center up and over the crossed area. 

They should pass through the space between them, above the cross. 

Apply glue while tightening, which is done by pulling firmly on all 4 cords.



Step 9:  After the glue is dry, you can finish off the cords on the right and left, which were crossed. 

The two in the center can be used to add a button, bead, or button knot for a clasp.  Another option is to finish them off like the other two ends. (see below)

Finishing Methods:  When using Paracord, you can heat and melt the tips, which will help them stay in place.

When using fine cord material (2mm or less), you can tie tight Overhand knots combining two ends.       

You can also move the ends to the other side of the bar and work them under the loops to hold them secure.  Make sure you apply glue.                  

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