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Bangle Bracelet

 Bangle Bracelet


Description: The Bangle Bracelet features a type of circular braiding called the Turks Head knot.   This symbolic decorative knot was a favorite of the Celtic artisans in ancient times, and is easy to make.

So this is a great Macrame project for beginners as well as children.

This type of Micro-Macrame bracelet slides over the wrist without a clasp, so you should make it with material that stretches slightly.

To make a more simple bangle, view the Turks Head knot page by clicking on the link (or find it in the Learn Macrame section). 

Supplies Needed:

  • 2mm – 4mm cord material
  • Drinking glass or other cylinder (slightly larger than your wrist).
  • Fabric glue that dries clear
Preparation:  You need 2 cords, at least 72 inches long.  Prepare the ends to prevent unraveling.

When using Parachute cord, as in the example, melt the ends with a flame to seal the outer sleeve around the inner core.
First Cross

Step 1:  Secure one end of the cord to the glass on the lower left (tail).

Rotate the working end around the glass, crossing over in the front, right to left. 

Mentally label this cross 1.


Cross 2

Step 2: Bring the working end around the glass, so the end comes up in the front, between the tail and the segment on the right. 

Make crossing point 2 heading left to right. 

Secure it with tape.



Step 3: Bring the working end slightly to the right.

Repeat Step 1 to make crossing point 3.

Repeat Step 2 to make crossing point 4.  Secure it with tape.


Right to Left

Step 4:  Now you will begin the weaving process for the Bangle Bracelet.

Weave the working end through the areas just above crossing points 1 and 3.

Pass under - over - under - over, heading right to left.

Move Segment

Step 5:  Just above the horizontal weaving from the previous step, make 4 more crossing points for the Bangle Bracelet, by moving the segment on the left over the one on the right.


The image above shows this movement in the area above crossing point 1.  You need to do the same thing above crossing point 3.

Do the same above the two crossing points in the back of the base. 

Left to Right

Step 6: Weave the end through the area  above the new set of crossing points (in the front of the base).

Pass under - over - under - over, heading left to right.


Right to Left

Step 7: Roll the base towards you and locate the other two crossing points.

Weave through the area above them, by passing   under - over - under - over, moving right to left



Step 8:  Repeat steps 5 - 7 several more times, until you reach the area where crossing points 2 and 4 are secured.

Remove the tape from the secured end as well as the two crossed areas.

Final Step

Step 9:  Place your finger above crossing points 2 and 4 and slide them down.

Weave the working end through one more time, just above the crossed areas (left to right).

Remove the Bangle Bracelet from the base, but do not tighten it yet.


Second Cord

Place the second cord to the right of the secured end.

Follow the path
of the first cord all the way through, until you reach the other end of the cord.

You will go around the bracelet several times, since there are multiple rows of weaving.


You probably won't need to tighten, but if you do, now is the time.

Trim the ends and slide them under one segment in the area where they rest (on the inside).  Apply glue to hold them in place.

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