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Wrapped Ring

Wrapped Ring

Description: The Wrapped Ring, also called an O-Ring, is a unique variation of the Barrel Knot. 

This strong decorative knot is easy to tie and can be used at the top of items like plant hangers and wall hangings, if you prefer not to use a metal ring.

It's best to make it first, then you can use the ends for the other knots.

It makes a great clasp for Macrame bracelets and necklaces, if made with fine materials. 

4mm Paracord was used in the example shown.



I found this design in  "Decorative Fusion Knots" written by J. D. Lenzen.

Click on the link or image to visit his website.

The video gallery contains tutorials for many interesting combination and historical knots.

Fusion Knots

Tie an Overhand Knot  

Step 1: Tie an Overhand Knot in the center of a 60-inch cord. Make sure the loop is made by crossing the ends right over left.

The crossing point should be at the bottom.

Make the loop the size you want the ring to be when it is finished.


Wrap Right Half  

Step 2: Use the left end, which is now on the right, to wrap around the right half of the loop.

Make sure the coils are snug and close together without overlapping. Stop when you reach the the top of the loop.


Wrap Left Half   Step 3: Use the right end to wrap the left half of the loop.

Tie a Knot to Secure  

Step 4: Push the coils close together while you tighten and adjust the ring. Add a few more wraps with each end if needed.

Tie an Overhand knot with the two ends.   You can use another type of finishing knot if you wish.


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