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Woven Wave

Woven Wave

Description: The Woven Wave design is suitable for many Macrame projects, such as bracelets, choker style necklaces, belts, straps, and more.

The process is unique in that you expand the weave after it's completed. So in the image above, the green portions started close together, then were pulled to separate the folded areas.

This is an easy decorative knot technique, so would be a great knot for children and beginners to learn the art of knot tying.

A simple Macrame bracelet can be made by just adding a button knot for a clasp (see step 10).



This design is on Fusion Knots

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the link or image to visit.

The video gallery contains tutorials for this and other interesting knotting techniques and designs.


Fusion Knots Website


The best approach to starting the Woven Wave design is to form a simple loop using two cords.

To practice, they should be 45 inches long.

To use this decorative knot in a project, multiply the finished length by 8, and cut two cords to that length (two colors). 

So for a 7-inch bracelet, you need at least 56 inches.   Add extra if you plan to make a button knot for a clasp.

Cord A = Green          Cord B = Brown    

Fold 2 Cords  

Fold both cords in half. 

Secure them so working cord A is under cord B, also called the CORE.


Optional if just practicing: 

Measure CORD B from the fold down towards the ends, the length you are aiming for, if you are making something with the Woven Wave.

Secure both ends of cord B at that point.  

Overhand Knot  

Use working cord A to tie an Overhand Knot, so the crossed area is in front of the other cord.

Tighten it firmly. Adjust the folded area of cord B so it's around 1/2-inch in size, or the size of the button or bead used at the other end.

Left Goes Under Core  

Step 1: Mentally label the ends of working cord A, right and left.

Apply tape to one end, so you can tell them apart.

Bring the left end under the core, and over the right end.


Right Goes Over Core  

Step 2: Bring the right end downward slightly, so it rests below the left end.

Move it to the left, passing over the core.



Design Tip:  As you follow the process for the Woven Wave design, remember:

  • The left end always goes under the core.
  • The right end passes over the core.
  • First you will bring both cords one direction, then in the opposite.
  • The right end passes under the left end prior to switching sides.

Bring Left End Back to Left   Step 3: Bright the left end down slightly, resting below the right end.

Move it under the core, as you bring it back to the left.

Bring Right End Back to Right  

Step 4: Bring the right end down, so it passes under the left end.

Pass it over the core, heading right.

Push the segments of the working cord closer together. 


Repeat Step 1  

Step 5: Bring the left end down slightly, and pass it under the core, heading right.

This is the same as step 1.


Repeat Steps 2 and 3  

Step 6: Bring the right end under the left, and over the core, heading left.

Bring the left end down slightly, and then under the core, also heading left.

This is the same as steps 2 and 3.


Repeat Step 4  

Step 7: Bring the right end under the left, and then over the core, as you move it back to the right.

This is the same as step 4.



Step 8: Repeat steps 5 - 7 at least one more time.

Important:  When making a project with the Woven Wave, remember that you will be STRETCHING the knots made by the working cords 

So stop tying knots before you reach the desired length.  You may need to experiment to find the best spot to end the knots.  


First Half of SK   Tie the first half of a right Square knot, with the working cords

Second Half of SK  

Step 9: Tie the second half of the SK just below.

When using Paracord, cut and melt the ends of the working cord close to the SK.

For other materials, use a different finishing method.


Stretch the Weaving  

Step 10: To expand the Woven Wave, slide the working cord along the core, to separate the knots. 

The Square Knot should rest at the pins you placed to mark the size you need. Re-measure the design, too.


Step 11:  The two ends of the core can now be used to make a button knot for the clasp, or to attach a button or bead.

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Have any comments about the Woven Wave? Contact Me.

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