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Woven Triangles

 Woven Triangles
                           Triangular Knot                Longhorn Knot


Description: These two Woven Triangles feature the weaving common to all Celtic knots. Both can be used as a focal point for a Macrame bracelet or choker design. 

The Triangular knot features three sides that are fairly straight, with rounded angles.

The Longhorn Knot has wider profile and sharper angles.

Make sure you know the difference between a loop and a bight:

Loop = Circular, with a crossing point

Bight:  Narrow, formed by folding the cord

The material used in the examples is Paracord, which needs to be prepared and finished by melting the tips with a flame.


These two woven triangles are on the Fusion Knots website.  Click on the image or link to visit.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing knot designs.

The two designs on this page are called:

The Triangle Knot and the Longhorn Knot

  Fusion Knots

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Triangular Knot

Triangular Knot


Important:  The key to making both woven triangles is to keep track of the two halves of the cord, so you don't confuse them.  

Label the ends with different colored tape.

Loop 1

Step 1:  Cut one cord, 60 inches long, to practice the Triangular knot.

Make loop 1 in the center of the cord, crossing the left half over the right.

The two halves are now switched.


Loops 2 and 3

Step 2:  Make loop 2 with the left half of the cord, (now on the right). 

Rotate counter-clockwise, pass over to make the crossing point.

Make loop 3 with the right half of the cord, in a clockwise direction. Pass under to form the crossing point.

Step 2, continued:  Just below, cross the two halves right over left, which puts them back in their original positions.

Left End

Step 3:  Bring the left half up, passing over Loop 3.

Secure it to your board, since you won't be using it again.   


Right End

Step 4:  Move the right half under loops 2 and 1, as you bring it to the upper area.


Loop 3

Step 5: Weave the right end through Loop 3.

Pass under - over - under the three segments.


Loop 1

Step 6:  Move the right end in a clockwise direction, passing over the left end.

Move it under the segment between loops 1 and 3.

Weave it through loop 1, over - under - over the three segments (left to right).


Loop 2

Step 7: Move the right end down, passing under the segment between loops 1 and 2.

Weave it through loop 2, over - under - over the three segments.



It's important to tighten and adjust both woven triangles on this page slowly, until they are the shape and size you want. 

The loops form the three points, with loop 1 at the bottom.


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 Longhorn Knot

Longhorn Knot


The Longhorn Knot is the most unique of the two woven triangles on this page.  Pay close attention to the placement of the bights and ends. 

Cut one cord, at least 60 inches long.  Place different types of tape on the two ends, to tell them apart.


Step 1: Make the right loop at the center of the cord, crossing left over right

Turn the loop sideways, so the curved portion (crook) is on the right, with the crossing point on the left.


Left End

Step 2:  To make the left loop, rotate the left half of the cord counter-clockwise.

Pass it through the right loop under - over (from below).

Note that the two halves of the cord have now switched places.

Bight 1

Step 3: Fold the the right half to form bight 1 (on the left).

Bring it straight down, passing it through the left loop under - over (from below).

Secure the bight to your board.


Bight 2

Fold the left half to make bight 2 (on the right).

Bring it straight down, passing it through the right loop over - under (from the top).

Secure it to your board.


Bight 3

Step 4:  Fold the right end to make bight 3 (lower left area).

Weave it through the left loop AND bight 1, passing under - over - under (towards the top).


Bight 4

Rotate the left end clockwise, and pass it through bight 3 over - under (from the top).

Weave the end through the right loop AND bight 2, over - under - over the three segments.


Enlarge Bights

Step 5: Pull on bights 1 and 2 at the top, to make them larger.

Bights 3 and 4 will become a bit tighter.


Flip Bight 2
  Step 6:  Move the left end to the right, to get it out of your way.

Flip the top portion of bight 2 over the lower portion, forming a loop. 

Left End

Pass the left end through the loop you just made, under - over (from below).


Bight 1

Step 7: Move the right end to get it out of your way.

Flip the lower portion of bight 1 over the top, to form a loop.


Right End
  Pass the right end through the loop over - under (from the top).


Step 8:  Woven triangles need to be tightened a little at a time, keeping the cord flat.

The goal for this design is to form a wide triangular shape, with bights 3 and 4 at the bottom


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