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Wave Braid

Wave Braid

Description:  The Wave Braid has a wide curved woven appearance, and makes a unique piece of Macrame jewelry.

This form of braiding can be a challenge.  Focus on understanding the concept as you progress through the steps described below.

Parachute cord (Paracord) was used in the example shown.

Step 1:  Secure 4 cords to your board vertically.  There should be a small amount of space between each one.  When practicing, using 4 colors really helps.

Mentally number the cords 1 - 4.  Cord 2 remains vertical at all times, and is not moved.  So you can secure it lower down if you wish.

Cord 4

Move cord 4 to the left, over cord 3, under cord 2, and over cord 1.

Keep cord 4 horizontal after you are finished.  Secure it if you wish.

Cord 1

Step 2:  Select cord 1 and curve it over cord 2, heading right. 

Tip: This is the opposite of the previous cord, which passed under cord 2.

Move it under cord 3, which is the next cord to the right. Keep the end horizontal when you are done.

Here is the CONCEPT for the rest of the Wave Braid: 

1.  Remember that cord 2 is not used as a working cord, so you will always weave with cords 4, 1, then 3.  

Important:  After you use a cord, keep it horizontal.  It remains this way for one step, then it is moved down in the following step.

2.  Alternate the weaving direction each time (right to left or left to right).  This is indicated by the arrows ( <<< ) in each image of the Wave Braid.

3.  The first cord you pass under or over will ALWAYS be cord 2.  Focus on making sure the cords alternate over or under it.

4.  After you pass over or under cord 2, you will move down the cord next to it, so you have a second vertical cord.   There always needs to be two (indicated by the arrows pointing downward in the images).

5.  The cord you move down is the next one used to do the weaving.

6.  Tighten and adjust the loops as you progress through the Wave Braid, as well as at the end.

Cord 3

Step 3:  You used cords 1 and 4, so now it's time for cord 3. Move it right to left, passing it under cord 2 (opposite of previous cord).

Move cord 4 down so it's vertical, and pass cord 3 over it. Keep cord 3 horizontal when you are done.

Cord 4

Step 4:  Next is cord 4, and the direction is left to right.

Pass it over cord 2 and under cord 1 (after you move it down). 

Keep cord 4 horizontal after you finish.

Cord 1

Step 5:  Move cord 1 under cord 2, right to left.

Move down cord 3 and pass cord 1 over it.

Keep cord 1 horizontal afterwards.

Cord 3

Step 6:  Move cord 3 left to right, over cord 2.

Bring cord 4 down and pass cord 3 under it.

Keep cord 3 horizontal afterwards.

Cord 4

Step 7:  We're back to using cord 4 again.

Move it right to left, passing under cord 2 and over cord 1 (after you move it down).

Design Tip:  From here, you repeat the same process (steps 2 - 7).

Repeat step 2

Step 8: Next is cord 1, moving left to right. 

Pass it over cord 2, and then move cord 3 down and pass cord 1 under it.

This is the same as in step 2.

Repeat Step 3

Step 9:  Use cord 3 this time, moving right to left.

Pass it under cord 2 and over cord 4 (after you bring it down).

This is the same as in step 3.

Repeat step 4

Step 10:  Move cord 4 left to right.

Pass it over cord 2 and under cord 1, after you move it down.

This is the same as in step 4.

Repeat step 5

Step 11:  Repeat step 5.

Cord 1 passes under cord 2 and over cord 3, heading right to left.

Repeat step 6

Step 12:  Repeat step 6.

Cord 3 passes over - under cords 2 and 4, moving left to right.



Step 13:  Continue on, repeating steps 7 - 12, until the Wave Braid is the size you need.

Tighten and adjust the braid so the loops are the same size and the top and bottom edges are as straight as possible. 

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