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Plafond Knot


Plafond Knot

Description: The Plafond Knot is an interesting decorative knot frequently used in Chinese Macrame designs.

As you tie it, the central section forms a woven square.  There are loops surrounding it, forming a frame.

This Macrame knot can be used as a unique pair of earrings, since there is a loop at the top.

You can use it a pendant for a necklace with a Chinese design, or for items like Wind Chimes and Key Rings.



You need one piece of cord material at least 60 inches long to practice the Plafond Knot.

Be sure to use a Project Board and pins to secure the loops.



Loop 1


Step 1:  Fold the cord in half and cross the left half over the right.



Left End Into Loop  

Bring the left end through the loop under - over (from below). 

Loop 1 should measure 2 inches from top to bottom.

Do not tighten it.



Second Loop  

Step 2: Make Loop 2 by tying the next knot the same way. (see image above)

Measure the distance between the crossed areas, and adjust the size to 1.5 inches.


Third Loop is Larger   Measure down 3 inches, and then tie the next knot to make Loop 3. 

It's important that this loop be double the size of the one above it.



Fourth Loop   Loop 4 should be 1.5 inches in size, the same as loop 2.



  Loop 4 Inside Loop 3  

Step 3: Flip Loop 4 so it rests inside Loop 3.

Secure both ends.




  Bring Loop 1 Down  

Step 4: At the top of the Plafond knot, fold Loop 1 downward to Loop 4.

Pass it through the center of the first crossed area you come to.

It should rest over the segment leading to the left end, and under the one leading to the right end.



  Loop 1 Through Crossed Areas  

Step 5: Pull Loop 1 down a little further, passing it through the center of the second crossed area, the same as in step 4.

Make sure Loop 2 is resting inside Loop 3 before moving on to the next step (see photo below).




  Bring Left End Through Loop 2  

Step 6:  Bring the left END over the left side of Loop 1, and through both crossed areas of Loop 2, at the top.

This is similar to what you did in steps 4 and 5, only you are using the ends instead.





  Bring Right End Through Loop 2  

Step 7:  Move the right END under the right portion of Loop 1, and through the two crossed areas at the top of the Plafond knot.

The two ends should rest side by side.




Square in Center  

Step 8:  This photo shows the Square area in the center of the knot, which tightens as you pull on the right and left sides of Loop 3.

You should tighten that area first.



Completed Knot  

Tighten the rest of the knot gradually, starting with the loop at the top. Remove the slack a little at a time, until the knot is rectangular in shape.

The loop at the top can be any size. The ends can be fused to the back, or used for other knots.




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