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Pipa Knot

Pipa Knot

Description: The Pipa Knot is a unique Chinese Macrame knot that is based on the Figure 8 shape.

This historical knot has been around for a long time. It's been used frequently on ancient Oriental clothing as a clasp as well as for decoration.

This decorative knot makes a great pendant for jewelry, and can also be used to make very unique earrings.


I searched the internet for years to find the instructions to make this knot.

I finally found it in Decorative Fusion Knots, written by JD Lenzen

Be sure to click on the link or image to visit his site. The video gallery contain tutorials for many unusual knots.

  Fusion Knots
Step 1: You will need one cord, at least 36 inches long.

Be sure to use a project board and pins the first few times you create this knot.
Loop 1  

Secure the right end of the cord to your board. Move up 6 inches and make a clockwise loop (1).

It's important to make this knot as small as possible, so Loop 1 should be no more than 1-inch in size.


Loop 2  

Step 2: Make Loop 2 below Loop 1, moving in a counter-clockwise direction.

It should rest on top of the secured end of the cord.

Loop 2 should be slightly larger than Loop 1.


Loop 3  

Step 3: At the top of the Pipa knot, bring the working end under Loop 1, to make Loop 3.

You should be moving clockwise.

Position it above the crossing point of Loop 1.


Loop 4  

Step 4: Loop 4 is made in a counter-clockwise direction.

It should nestle inside Loop 2 (at the bottom).

Make sure Loop 3 is snugly wrapped around Loop 1 at the top, before moving on.


Loop 5  

Step 5: Bring the working end up to the top of the knot to make Loop 5.

Pass it behind Loop 1, heading clockwise.

Make sure it rests below Loop 3 as shown.


Loop 6  

Step 6: Pull the working end so Loop 5 is snug, and then make another counter-clockwise loop at the bottom (Loop 6).

Position it inside Loop 4.

Move the secured end to the side before completing the next step.


Loop 7  

Step 7: Bring the working end to the top, and make the next clockwise loop (7). It will be very small.

It should rest below Loop 5 as shown.


Pass End Thru Hole  

Step 8: As you bring the working end towards the bottom, make sure Loop 7 is snug.

Pass the working end through the opening inside Loop 6.

Make sure you hold the Pipa knot as flat as possible, if you need to pick it up to complete this step.



Step 9: To tighten the knot, first pull on all three  lower loops, in the order they were made. This will tighten the loops at the top. Keep them as flat as possible.

The second step is to pull on the ends as well as Loop 1 to tighten the lower loops.


Completed Knot  

Here's the completed Pipa Knot.

The ends are fused to the back with glue. 

When using Paracord, melt the cut areas with a flame.


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