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Pagoda Knot

 Pagoda Knot


Description: The Pagoda Knot is based on the sacred architectural designs commonly seen in Asian temples and places of worship. These structures are often used to enshrine sacred relics.

The knot has two loops at the top that are curved upward to represent the pointed corners frequently seen on these unique buildings.

This decorative knot makes a great Micro-Macrame pendant, since the cords exit the knot at the top.  You would make the pendant first, then use the remaining material for the necklace design.


This knot is in Decorative Fusion Knots.

Click on the link or image to visit the website.

In the video gallery you will find tutorials for many unique types of combination knots.

Fusion Knots


Step 1:  You need one 36-inch cord to practice the Pagoda Knot. 

Fold the cord in half and secure it at the center, arranged horizontally.
Mentally label the two halves left and right as shown in the image below.

When using this knot in a Macrame project, the left portion of the cord needs to be 12 - 15 inches longer than the right portion.
Loop 1
Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left half of the cord.  Mentally label it loop 1.

The loop should be 1/2 to 1-inch in size.


Loop 2
  Step 2: Move the left half either diagonally or vertically toward the back of your board. 

Use it to make the next counter-clockwise loop.  Mentally label it loop 2.  It should be larger than the other loop.

The cord should be heading right when you are done.

Loop 3
  Step 3: Make the next counter-clockwise loop with the left half, positioning it to the right of loop 2.  Mentally label it loop 3.

The left half should now be heading toward the front of your board.
Loop 4

Step 4: Make another counter-clockwise loop to the right of loop 1.

It should be the same size as loop 1. 

You can arrange loops 1 and 4 closer together than the other two loops (optional).



Move the left half of the cord under the right half, so they cross. 

Right Half
  Step 5: Pass the right half of the cord into loop 4 under - over (from below).

Left Half
  Pass the left half into loop 1 over - under (from the top).

Tighten the lower area of the Pagoda knot slightly, so the loops grip the cords running through them.

Flip Knot

Step 6:  Flip the knot upside down, arranged so that loops 2 and 3 are heading toward the front of the board.

Loops 1 and 2 should still be on the left, with loops 3 and 4 on the right.

Right Half

Step 7: Move the right half of the cord forward, so it passes over loop 3.


Left Half

Bring the left  half of the cord forward, then pass it under loop 2.


Loop 3

Step 8: Move the left half to the right, passing it through loop 3 under - over - under.

Loop 2

Move the right half under the left half of the cord in the center of the Pagoda knot.

Move it left, passing it over - under - over loop 2.


Flip, Tighten

Step 9: Flip the knot again, so you are looking at the front of it.

Tighten the Pagoda Knot gradually.  It helps if you start with loops 2 and 3, pulling on the vertical segments marked with an X in this image.


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