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Maedate Knot

Maedate knot

Description: The Maedate Knot is a historical Japanese knot that represents the insignia or crest on the front of a Samurai kabuto (helmet). The round area in the center symbolizes the sun or moon. 

This decorative knot makes an interesting decoration for Macrame projects.  It has a loose design, so you will need to tie other knots to stabilize it.

Try using it as it was intended; to adorn the front of a hat design.  You could also use it as part of a Micro-Macrame necklace.


After searching a long time, I finally found this in Decorative Fusion Knots.

Be sure to visit the Fusion Knots website, by clicking on the link or image.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of very unique knotted designs.

  Fusion Knots
Loop 1

Step 1: Start by making a loop in the center of a cord, crossing left over right.

Arrange it diagonally on your board as shown.

Loop 2

Step 2: Make a counter-clockwise loop the left half of the cord (2). 

Move it on top and slightly to the right of loop 1, arranged diagonally.

Mentally label the four segments A - D as shown.

Segment B

Step 3: Fold segment B to make a bight, then pull it  under segment C, heading right.

Pull it over segment D, then secure it at the fold.


Segment C

Step 4: Fold segment C to make a bight, then pull it to the left under segment A.


Step 5: Tighten the knot by pulling on the bights first.

Once the center is the size you want, pull on each end to reduce the size of the bights.


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