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Lambda Knot

Lambda Knot

Description: The Lambda Knot features three loops surrounding a triangular design in the center.   

This decorative knot looks great as a focal point for a bracelet or necklace design. 

The material used in the example shown is 550 size Paracord.



A video tutorial for this interesting knot can be found in the video gallery of Fusion Knots.

Click on this image or link to visit the website.

Fusion Knots

Step 1: To practice, you need one cord, 36 inches long. Secure one end to your board, on your right.


Four to six inches from the secured end, fold the cord, then bring it back to the right.

The long portion is the working end.  Mentally label the folded area (1).


Designer's Tip:  You can start the Lambda knot anywhere on the cord.

So if you are trying to get it close to the center, start it there.

Loop A

Step 2: Make a counter-clockwise loop (A) with the working end.

Move the working end forward vertically, passing under both parts of folded area 1.


Fold 2

Step 3: Move the working end slightly to the left, then curve it to create another folded area (2).

Moving backward vertically, pass it over - under folded area 1.

Loop B

Step 4: Make a counter-clockwise loop (B) around folded area 1. 

Bring the working end over folded area 1, then under the next two segments as you move it diagonally left to right.

Pass it through loop A under - over (from below).


To Left

Step 5: Move the working end to the left diagonally, passing over the right side of fold 2.

Bring it over the secured end, and under the left side of fold 2.


Loop C

Step 6:  Make another counter-clockwise loop (C) with the working end.

Bring it through the knot vertically, passing over the second fold, over the secured end, and under the next two segments.

Pass over the last segment.



Step 7:  Tighten up the center slightly, keeping the pins on the three loops.

Turn Knot

Step 8:  The Lambda knot is a triangle, so should be arranged that way prior to tightening. 

Loop A should be vertical, and closest to the back of the board.


Step 9: Tighten the knot beginning at the secured end, removing the slack gradually until the knot is firm.


To make another knot, secure the first one on the right.

Fold the working end towards the left (step 1), then repeat steps 2 - 9.

Two Knots

When you tighten the second knot, leave a little space between it and the first one.

This type of knot looks better if there is a gap between each one.  You can also place beads between them.

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