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Lambda Knot

Lambda Knot

Description: The Lambda Knot features three loops surrounding a triangular design in the center.   It has elements similar to those of a Cloverleaf Knot.

This decorative knot can be used in Micro-Macrame jewelry projects, placing one on either side of beads, or standing alone.  

Try combining it with a Triangle Knot, placing beads between each knot.

The material used in the example shown is 3mm size Paracord.

I recommend you try it with Satin, cotton, or other soft materials, too.



A tutorial for this interesting knot can be found in the video gallery of Fusion Knots.

Click on this image or link to visit JD Lenzen's website,  which also has information about his books.

Fusion Knots

Step 1: You need one cord, 36 inches long. Secure one end to your board, on your right.

Fold the Cord  

Four to six inches from the end, fold the cord and secure it there as well.

The long portion is the working end, which should be at the top.


Loop A  

Step 2: Make a counter-clockwise loop (A) with the working end.

Move it straight down, passing under both parts of the first fold.


Fold 2  

Step 3: Move the working end upward, slightly to the left (closer to the fold), to create a second folded area.

Pass over the lower portion of the first fold, and under the portion at the top.


Loop B  

Step 4: Make the second loop (B), by rotating the working end counter-clockwise.

On the left, bring the working end over the crook of fold 1, and under both parts of fold 2.

Pass it through Loop A under - over (from below).


Ends will Cross  

Step 5: Move the working end down and to the left, passing over the right portion of fold 2.

Bring it over the secured end, and under the left part of fold 2.

The two ends will cross, inside fold 2.


Step 6: To make the third loop (C), move the working cord counter-clockwise, heading upward, through the center of the knot:

Third Loop  

Pass it over the second fold, over the secured end, and under the next two segments.

It should come out over the segment at the top.


Three Loops

<< This is what the Lambda knot should look like now.

Turn the design so that Loop A is at the top>>

Gradually tighten each area. 

First Loop at the Top

Lambda Knot

The Lambda knot looks best if all the loops and folds are tightened completely.

Since the two ends are coming out of the knot at the sides, you can use them to tie more knots.

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Have any comments about the Lambda Knot? Contact Me.


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