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Ladder Strap

 Ladder Strap


Description: The Ladder Strap is a very unique decorative knot, suitable for many Macrame projects.  It can be used as an interesting key chain, or for a bracelet, belt, or dog collar. 

This knot can be made with two separate cords, if you want to use it in a Macrame design, such as a plant hanger.  

You should make it with one cord if you need a loop at one end, as shown in the example.


The Ladder Strap is on the Fusion Knots website.

Visit this site by clicking on the image or link.  There are video instructions in the knot gallery.

To learn new and exciting knots to experiment with, I highly recommend all the books. 

  Fusion Knots

Preparation:  Cut one 60-inch cord, if you are practicing.

When using this design in a project, it should be 15 x the finished length you plan to make.

  Step 1: Secure the cord to your board at the center.  The left half should be vertical.

Move the right half to the left to form a loop, passing under the left half of the cord.

This loop is optional if you are using two cords.



Make a bight by moving the right half of the cord to the right horizontally, passing over the left half.

Bring it forward slightly, then move it back to the left, passing under the left half.  Secure the bight.


Designer's Tip:  The Ladder Strap is easier to tie while holding the cord, so securing it to a board is optional. 

Once you learn the technique, try tying it without the board.

Left Half

Step 2: Move the left half backward, passing under the bight and out through the loop (vertically).

Move it forward, passing over all three segments (see next image).

Adjust the size of the loop before moving on to the next step.


Wrap 2

Wrap the left half of the cord around the three segments again, to the right of the first wrap. 

Wrap 3

You can wrap the left half again, placing it to the right of the others (optional).

Make 1/2 of a wrap, so the working end is coming out through the loop when you are finished.

Through Bight

Step 3: Bring the left half of the cord through the bight from the top (over - under).

Adjust the size of the first loop if necessary.

Tighten the wraps if they are loose.



Step 4:  Tighten the first knot by pulling on the right half of the cord.

The bight will tighten around the left half.  



Step 5: Mentally re-label the two halves where they are resting now.

Repeat Step 1, creating the horizontal bight. 

Important: There should be only a small amount of space between previous knot and this one.



Step 6: Repeat step 2.


Through Bight

Step 7: Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Make sure the wraps are firmly tightened and the two knots are close together. 



Step 8:  Repeat steps 1 - 4 several more times, until the Ladder Strap is the size you want.

Turn the sennit over so you can see the front.

Finish off the ends in the manner most suitable for your project.

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