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Ladder Strap

 Ladder Strap


Description: The Ladder Strap is a very unique decorative knot, suitable for many Macrame projects.

It can be used as an interesting key chain, and for a bracelet, belt, or purse strap.

The material used in the example is Nylon Paracord, also called Parachute Cord.

You must prepare and finish the tips by melting the fibers with a flame, or the inner core can slip out.


The Ladder Strap is on the Fusion Knots website.

Visit this site by clicking on the image, or the link above.

To learn new and exciting knots to experiment with, I highly recommend all of his books. 

Be sure to visit the video gallery.

  Fusion Knots

Fold a Cord in Half  

Step 1: Fold a 2-yard cord in half, and secure it at the center.



Step 2:  Bring the right half under the left, and then over it, as you move it back to the right.

Bring it back to the left again, lower down, passing under the left end.


Left End Goes Around Coils  

Step 3: Bring the left half under all three horizontal coils made with the right half, and through the space at the top (above the knot).

Bring it back down to where you started, going over the front of the 3 segments. 

This is considered the first wrap


Important: Pull the left end firmly to tighten, after adjusting the size of the loop at the top.

Wrap Three Times  

Step 4: Wrap the left half at least two more times, as you did in step 3.  Make sure the coils are snug and do not overlap. They should progress from left to right.

Make sure the end is resting above the wrapped area when you are finished.


Left End Through Loop  

Step 5: Bring the left end down and into the loop on the right.

That's the lower portion of the S shape you made with the right half, back in step 2.


Pull On Right End to Tighten  

Step 6: Pull on the right end to tighten the first step of the Ladder Strap.

You can still adjust the top loop if necessary, by pulling on the three wraps.



Step 7: Repeat steps 2 - 6.

Remember that the right half makes the horizontal s-shaped coils.

The left half wraps around them, moving vertically.

(under going up, over coming down)


Steps Should Be Close Together  

Step 8: As you make each step of the Ladder Strap, make sure there is only a small amount of space between them.

Wrap the coils as snugly as possible while you construct the knot.  It's not easy to adjust the coils once you move to the next step.


Completed Strap  

Step 9: When you are finished, trim the ends so they are even and finish them off with finishing knots, and/or beads.

For a bracelet, add a button or bead that will fit through the loop at the other end.


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