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Interlocking Weave

Interlocking Weave

Description: The Interlocking Weave is not truly a knot. It's a type of weaving that is often used to make baskets.

It's similar to the Tabby Weave, where you use one working cord for the entire weaving process.  In this design, there are two working cords, and they link in the center of the design.

This vintage technique can be used in Macrame, to make items such as belts, pot holders and place mats.  

By changing the number and length of the vertical holding cords, you can make the weave any size.   


To practice, cut 8 holding cords, at least 12 inches long (blue).

You need 2 working cords, at least 36 inches long (brown and tan).

It's a good idea to use different colors while you are learning this technique.  Make sure you use a project board.


  Eight Vertical Cords  

Step 1: Secure both ends of the holding cords, so they are vertical. They need to have tension.

Mentally number them 1 - 4 and 5 - 8 as shown.

Each working cord will weave through only four cords, so it's best to think of them as two separate groups.


  First Row, Right  

Step 2: Secure the end of one working cord to the right of the holding cords. 

You'll be moving horizontally from right to left.

Weave it under - over - under - over cords 8 - 5.


  Second Row, Right  

Step 3: Fold the working cord and weave it back through cords 5 - 8, heading left to right.

Weave under - over - under - over.


  First Row, Left  

Step 4: Secure the the second working cord to the left of the holding cords.

Weave the working cord over - under - over - under cords 1 - 4, moving left to right. 

  Second Row, Left  

Step 5: Link the two working cords by passing the left cord through the folded area of the right, from below.

Weave it to the left, over - under - over - under.

  Interlocking Weave   Step 6: Repeat steps 2 - 5, using the same working cords to complete the rest of the Interlocking Weave design.

Tighten the design gradually, by pulling on each cord, pushing them close together.


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