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Heart Pendant

Heart Pendant

Description:  This Heart Pendant features the woven elements common to all Celtic knots.   It's easy to make and will look great on many types of Macrame necklace designs.

To make a small Celtic heart, use 1mm to 1.5mm material. 

For a heart over 1-inch, use 2mm to 3mm material. 

In the example shown, I used 3mm nylon Paracord.

This heart design can be found on the Fusion Knots website, under the name "Big Celtic Heart".

Click on the image or link to visit the site.  The video gallery contains a tutorial for this design, as well as many other interesting knots.

Fusion Knots

To practice just the pendant, you need one cord, at least 36 inches long. 

To make a necklace after the pendant is finished, increase the length by adding what you need for the necklace.   

Step 1:  Make a loop in the center of the cord, crossing left over right.

The first time you create the Heart Pendant, make the loop at least 1-inch in size. 

Bight 1

Step 2:  Fold the end on the right to form a bight.

Arrange it so it rests under the loop, on an angle as shown.

Enlarge the first loop slightly (see image below).

Bight 2

Step 3:  Fold the end on the left to form the second bight.

Weave it through the first loop, by passing over the left segment, under bight 1 in the center, and over the right segment.


Step 4:  Balance the design by pulling on the lower area, which will move the top of the loop down.

Spread all areas so you have room for the weaving.

Right to Left

Step 5:  Use the end on your right to weave through the middle of Bight 1

Pass the end over - under - under - over - under, moving right to left.

Left to Right

Step 6:  Use the end on your left to weave through the middle of Bight 2.

Weave under - over - under - over - under - over, moving left to right


Step 7:  Tighten the Heart Pendant by pulling on the bottom area first, to decrease the size of the first loop.

Reduce the size of each bight, including the weaving.

You can leave some space, or tighten the design completely.

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