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Handbasket Knot

 Handbasket Knot


Description: The Handbasket Knot is a historical knot that can be used as focal points for Macrame bracelets, since the ends comes out at the sides.

You can also use this decorative knot as a pendant, by attaching a necklace cord to the loop at the top.

In the example shown, I used nylon Paracord, which needs to be melted with a flame to prevent the inner core from sliding out.


This Celtic knot is in Decorative Fusion Knots, written by J. D. Lenzen.

Be sure to visit his website, Fusion Knots, by clicking on the link or image. The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing designs.

  Fusion Knots
Counter-Clockwise Loop  

Step 1: Make a loop in the center of a 60-inch cord.

The left end should pass over the right to make the crossing point at the bottom.

Flip Right Over Left   Step 2: Make a smaller loop just below, crossing the ends left over right.

Move Ends Into Loop  

Step 3: Flip Loop 2 upward, so it fits inside the middle of Loop 1.


Left End Under Loop   Step 4: Pass the left end under the upper part of the first loop.

Second Clockwise Loop  

Step 5: Move the right end in a clockwise direction. Weave over - under - under - over the four segments, as you bring it to the left.

The curved portion of the cord should rest on the outside of the two loops, at the right (see image below).


Weave Left End Through Knot  

Step 6: Move the left end down, and pass it over the right end. Rotate in a counter-clockwise direction.

Pass it under - over - under - over - under - over the 6 segments, as you bring it to the right.


Tighten the Handbasket Knot  

Step 7: Tighten and balance the Handbasket Knot.

The top loop should be larger than the others.


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