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Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis knot

Description: The Fleur de Lis is a well known historical symbol seen in European Coat of Arms, military emblems, flags, coins, and more.

These designs vary somewhat, depending on how they are used and which country they originate from. They often represent a specific monarchy or royal family.

Since this ancient emblem depicts a Lilly flower, this decorative knot has several petals held together by a Square Knot.

In the images, I used Paracord, since it holds the shape of the knot fairly well. But to really show it off, use waxed material or leather, so you can create the proper shape.

The loop at the top center should have a point, and the remaining loops should be curved outward slightly.


I found the Fleur de Lis knot on the Fusion Knots website, but the one shown has been changed slightly.

Click on the link or image to visit.

The video gallery has tutorials for other interesting knotting techniques and designs.

  Fusion Knots
Cross Left Over Right  

Step 1: Fold a 24-inch cord in half and secure it at the center.

Make a loop, so the left half crosses over the right.


Overhand Knot  

Step 2: Use the end that's now on the left.

Bring it through the loop over - under, to make an Overhand knot.

Move both ends to the top before moving on.


Extend the Loop  

Step 3: Extend the knot downward, so you can clearly see the crossed area and the two loops at the bottom. Secure the three areas.

Form a bight with the end now on the right, and secure it.


Right Loop  

Step 4: Move the right end to the left, rotating clockwise to form the right loop.

The end should pass over everything in it's path as you arrange it horizontally.


Use Left End Next   Step 5: Use the left end to make the next loop

Bring it down, passing over the right end. Make sure you secure it.

Path of Left End  

Step 6: Move the left end under all the segments as you bring it to the right.

Pull it out through the right loop (upper right area of the Fleur de Lis design).


Right End Back to Right  

Step 7: Move the right end, which is on the left now, back to the right. Pass it over all the segments in it's path.

Note that there is a space just below the left loop, where the right end curves.


Path of Left End  

Step 8: Pass the other end (left) over the right end, as you prepare to bring it back to the left.

It should go under the remaining segments, and come out through the space indicated (below the left loop).


Tighten the Knot   Step 9: To tighten the Fleur de Lis, pull on both ends to firm up the Square knot. Reduce the size of the lower loops by pulling on the upper ones.

The two loops at the top right and left should be large enough to curve outward. The center loop should be slightly pointed.

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Have any comments about the Fleur de Lis? Contact Me.


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