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Easy Macrame Bracelet

Easy Macrame Bracelet

Description:  This Easy Macrame Bracelet is perfect for children who are just learning this craft.  It’s also a good project for beginners, and for small groups.

The Square Knot is the primary decorative knot used in Macrame.  The ones tied in this project are unique.

Most Square knots are tied around filler cords.  But this bracelet design does not have fillers, which makes it even easier to create. 

Any type of cord material can be used to make this attractive bracelet. I used Nylon Paracord in the bracelet shown because it's smooth and comfortable.

Since this is a children’s project, be sure to have them practice the 2 knots used in this pattern, before they get started.

Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm to 4mm cord material
  • Project Board and pins (or Tape)
  • Glue that dries clear


Step 1:  Cut 1 cord, 60 inches long.  Apply tape or glue to the ends to prevent unraveling.

When using Paracord, an Adult should apply heat to the tips to melt the fibers and prevent the core from being pulled out.

Do this in the last step as well.

Start the Overhand Knot  

Fold the cord in half and secure it at the center.

To start the Overhand Knot, use both ends to make a clockwise loop.


Overhand Knot   Step 2: Bring the ends through the loop from below (right to left).

Loop for Clasp  

Step 3: Tighten the knot slowly. Leave a 1/2-inch loop at the top.

Secure the knot to your board or work surface.


The two ends will now be used to make Square knots.  There are no fillers, which makes these knots a bit unusual. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to tie each knot:


Right Over Left  

Step 4: Curve the left end towards the right, so it's sideways (horizontal).

Bring the right end over the left, straight down.


Right End Through Space  

Bring the right end under the left, and then over  it further up, as you pull it to the left.


Left Over Right  

Tighten the first half of the Square Knot by pulling on the ends. It should rest just below the Overhand knot.

Curve the end now on the right, so it's sideways. Then pass the left end over the right.


Left End Through Space  

Move the left end under - over the right cord, as you pull it right.

It's the same as the first half, only the opposite direction (left to right).

Tighten the second half by pulling gently on both ends.


Square Knot  

The four steps above = one Square Knot.

Repeat step 4 several times, until the Easy Macrame bracelet measures 5 to 8 inches long, or is the size you want. 


Start Overhand Knot   Step 5: To make the clasp for your Easy Macrame Bracelet, use both cords to make a clockwise loop for the Overhand knot.

Apply Glue Before Tightening  

Step 6: Pass the ends through the loop from below.

Before you tighten the Overhand knot, apply glue, so it's inside the knot.

Add more glue to the outside. When it's dry, cut off the excess material.

Bracelet and Clasp   The Overhand Knot fits through the loop at the other end of the Easy Macrame Bracelet.

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