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Drop Loop

Drop Loop

Description:  This Drop Loop is one method you can use to make a stable loop for a Macrame project.

What's nice about this loop design is that the ends are horizontal when you finish. You can add other cords to the ends as part of a mounting process. 

The ends can also be brought down if you need them to be vertical.

This type of knot can be used as part of a jewelry clasp, a belt, or projects where you need a loop for hanging. 

By making the loop small, this knot can also be used for picots along the edges of items like curtains and handbags.

To practice, you need one cord at least 36 inches long

Paracord was used in the example, which needs to be heated at the tips to prevent unraveling.

Position Right End

Step 1:  Secure the center of the cord to your board. That area is considered the top of the Drop Loop.

Move the right end to the left, passing over the left end of the cord.

Position Left End

Step 2:  Move the left end over the right end at two points -- in the bottom center and on the right side.

Secure both ends to your board.

Adjust the width of the loop so it's at least 3 times the size you want to end up with. 

So for a 2-inch loop, this large one should be at least 6 inches wide. 

Pull Towards You

Step 3:  Remove the pin from the center of the cord. 

Pull the top portion towards you, passing over the ends.

Adjust the width of the loop so it's more narrow, as in the image below.

Move Away from You

Step 4:  Move the top of the loop under the ends, heading away from you.

The top of the Drop Loop should now be in it's original position. The sides of the loop should be slightly closer to the center where the ends cross.

Move Towards You

Step 5:  Move the top of the loop towards you, over the area in the center.

Make sure the sides of the loop are closer to the center, between the first two small loops (at the bottom).

Move Away from You

Step 6:  Move the top of the loop away from you, passing under the ends.

Make sure the sides of the loop are closer to the center (at the bottom).


Step 7:  Repeat the same process again, pulling the top towards you and then back to the starting point.

Make sure that the sides are closer to the center, between the small loops made in steps 4 and 6.

Enlarge the space between the two ends, in the bottom center area.

Pass Top Through Space

Step 8:  Pass the top of the loop through the space. 

It should pass over the first segment and under the one closest to you.


Step 9:  Tighten the Drop Loop by pushing the small loops at the bottom towards each other. 

Pull on the ends as well as the loop, until all areas are firmly tightened.

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