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Double Connection Knot

Double Connection Knot

Description:  The Double Connection Knot is used in combination with other Chinese Macrame knots.  It's actually a linked Overhand knot made with one cord.

The primary purpose for this decorative knot is to make a stable loop for items that are hung from the ceiling or wall, such as a wreath or plant hanger.

Another common use for this knot is to secure the hooks in earrings, or for jewelry clasps.


Step 1:  To practice, you need one cord at least 18 inches long.

Fold it in half and place it on your board vertically.  Secure it at the center.

Mentally label the two halves left and right.

Loop 1

Step 2:  Move the right half to the left, passing it under the left half of the cord.

Bring it closer to the fold, then move it right, passing over both halves of the cord.
OH 1

Step 3:  To complete the first Overhand knot, move the right half of the cord forward, passing it through the loop under - over.

Do not tighten the knot, but you can move it closer to the center so the folded portion is not as large.

Left Half
  Step 4:  Now it's time to make the second Overhand knot, which is connected to the first.

Move the left half of the cord to the right, passing it over the right half.  Then bring it back to the left, passing it under the right half.  Secure the cord where it bends.

  Step 5: Move the left half of the cord under the crook of the first OH knot, heading left to right. 

As you continue right, pass it over the left half of the cord while inside the first knot.

OH 2

Step 6:  Pass the left half of the cord through the loop under - over to complete the second Overhand knot.

Make sure this takes place to the left of the other half.



Step 7: Tighten the Double Connection knot by first reducing the size of the loop at the top to 1/2 of what you need for your project. 

Hold the loop in one hand and both ends in the other hand.  Pull with equal force, and you should be able to see the crossed design.   Make adjustments to the loop as needed.

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