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Double Connection Knot

Double Connection Knot

The Double Connection Knot is used in combination with other Chinese Macrame knots to form elaborate designs.

The primary purpose for this decorative knot is to make a stable loop, with the two ends dangling below.

This technique could be used in just about any Macrame project where you will be hanging something, such as a plant hanger or wall decoration.  You can also use it to secure the hooks in Micro-Macrame earring designs.

  Fold Cord in Half  

Step 1: To practice, you need one cord at least 18 inches long.

Fold it in half, and secure it to your work surface, so the center is at the top.

Mentally label the two ends right and left.


  Use Right End  

Step 2: Make a clockwise loop with the right end:

Pass under the left end of the cord.

Further up, closer to the fold, pass over both segments.


  Complete the Slipknot  

Step 3:  Pass the right end of the cord through loop 1 under - over, to complete the first Overhand knot.

Tighten the knot slightly by pulling on the ends.

Adjust the folded area at the top of the knot so it's the size you need for your Macrame project. Secure the right end to your board.


Use Left End  

Step 4: Pull the left end of the cord towards the right as shown, and secure it at the bend.

Pass it under the right end of the cord, as you bring it towards the left.


Pass Through Loop  

Step 5: To make Loop 2, pass the left end through the first Overhand knot, heading left to right.

Bring it through under - over (from below).


Second Loop   Step 6: Move the left end down, passing through the second loop under - over (from below).


To tighten the Double Connection knot, pull both ends while holding the loop steady.

Adjust the size of the loop when the knot is still loose, and then tighten it completely.


Detail of Crossed Coils  

The completed knot should be crossed in the front and in the back.


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