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Cross Braid

Cross Braid

Description:  The Cross Braid features a series of loops that cross over and under a holding cord.  When using three colors, it will look like links with crossed elements inside.

This design has a loop at the top, so it can be used as a bracelet or belt.  You just add a button knot or bead at the opposite end.


To practice, you need 3 cords, each at least 36 inches long.  Using three colors is very helpful.

When using the Cross Braid in a project, the cords should be 4 x the finished size you wish to make.

Step 1: Fold working cord A in half and secure it vertically (blue cord in image). 

Place working cord B around it, then make a loop, crossing right over left.

Make sure the centers of both cords line up, so they are balanced.


Step 2: Add the filler cord by folding it around the crossing point of the loop made by Cord B, arranged vertically.

Arrange the two halves side-by-side, and secure them near the front of your board.


Step 2, continued:  Tighten Cord B and secure it at the crossing point.

Adjust Cord A so it measures 1-inch from the fold to cord B.  That will be the loop you can use as a clasp.

Cord B

Step 3:  Cross the two halves of Cord A right over left, resting on top of the filler cord.

Arrange them horizontally after tightening the loop (see next image).

Cord B

Step 4: Move the two halves of Cord B over Cord A on both sides.

Bring them under the filler cord, and cross left over right to complete the loop.

Arrange them horizontally, and tighten the loop.


Designer's Tip:  The concept for making the Cross Braid has three elements:

  • When using Cord B, you begin by passing over Cord A.  When using Cord A, you start by passing under Cord B.
  • The loops made with Cord A rest on top of the fillers. The loops made with Cord B rest under them.
  • Cord B crosses left over right, and Cord A crosses right over left, to complete each loop.

Cord A

Step 5:  Move the two halves of Cord A under Cord B on both sides.

Make the loop by crossing right over left, and arrange it on top of the filler cord.   

Tighten the loop and arrange the two halves horizontally.


Step 6:  Repeat steps 4 and 5 several times.

The best place to stop is on Step 4.

This is optional, if you prefer to end the braid with a different type of finishing knot, which is what you will be doing next.



Step 7: Move the two halves of Cord A under Cord B, but do not cross them.

Keep them straight, resting beside the filler cord.


Square Knot

Step 8: Tie a LEFT SK with Cord B, around the filler cord and the two halves of Cord A.

The working cords can now be finished off in the back of the Cross Braid. 

Use the filler cord to make a button knot, or to attach a bead for the clasp.

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