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Clasped Hands Knot

Clasped Hands Knot

Description: The Clasped Hands knot is a unique way of forming a button shaped knot below a loop.

It's easy to tie and makes a great clasp for jewelry.

You could also use it anywhere in a Macrame pattern where you need a sturdy loop, such as in a plant hanger.

You need one cord, at least 36 inches long, to practice this decorative knot.


I found this historical knot in Decorative Fusion Knots, written by J. D. Lenzen.

Be sure to visit his website, by clicking on the link or image. His video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing knots.

  Fusion Knots

P Shaped Design   Step 1: Secure one end of the cord to your board, in the area where you want the knot to start.  Make a clockwise loop.

The secured end should be heading downward vertically. The upper portion should be curved as shown.

Bring End Through Loop  

Step 2: Move the upper portion down and through the first loop, over - under (from the top).

This creates the second loop.


Third Loop  

Step 3: Pass the same end under the standing end (secured).  Next, curve it in a clockwise direction, forming a third loop.

Weave it over three segments, and under the lower portion of the first loop, as you bring it right. 


Tighten the Knot  

Step 4: Pull on Loop 2 as well as the ends, to gently tighten this portion of the Clasped Hands Knot.

Secure the loop to your board.


Pull Loop Sideways   Step 5: Tug on the tightened area on the right, which was Loop 1 in previous steps.

Pull on it until it's around 1/2-inch in size.

Design Tip:  I marked the path of the right end with red X's so you can understand the next photo better.

Use Right End  

Step 6: Move the end that is now on the right to make a clockwise loop.

Bring it under the left end, over it, and down through Loop 1.


Repeat Step 6  

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 one more time.

Tighten the loops slightly, so you can clearly see all three of them, and they don't overlap.


Flip Over   Step 8: Flip over the first half of the Clasped Hands Knot, so you work in the back.

The end you were just using should now be on the left.
Pass End Through Coils  

Step 9: Move the end that is now on the right under the left end in a clockwise circle.

Pass it through the three loops you made in steps 6 and 7.

When you pull the end through, it will rest on the right again.


Repeat Step 9   Step 10: Repeat step 9 again, bringing the right end under the left.

Pass it through the coils in a clockwise direction.

Clasped Hands Knot   Step 11: Tighten the Clasped Hands Knot by pulling on the ends more than loop 2, so it does not become too large. 

Adjust the coils as needed so the knot looks neat.

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Have any comments about the Clasped Hands Knot? Contact Me.


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