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Circle Earrings

Circle Earrings

Description:  These Circle Earrings are based on the Celtic Circle, an ancient symbol for eternal life.  Many European artists have used this decorative knot to represent the circle of life, and how we are all inter-related. 

You can use any type of material, but make sure it's not too flexible, or is waxed. In the image above, the Celtic circle on the right was made with 1mm Leather cord.   

Make sure you LEAN the pins over the segments you are securing, because putting pins through fine material can damage the fibers.

Important: The bead at the top is used to secure the ends.  Make sure the hole size is at least 4 times the thickness of the material you are using.   You pass the ends through the ring, and then back through the bead. 

Another important step is to use split or jump rings on the hooks.  They help the earrings dangle more freely.

Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm to 2mm cord material
  • 2 Earring Hooks
  • 2 Split or Jump Rings
  • 2 Beads
  • Project board and pins or tape
  • Fabric glue that dries clear

Step 1:  Cut 2 cords for the Circle Earrings, at least 30 inches long.  

Secure one end of the cord to your board.

First 2 Loops

Move down 5 inches and make the first loop, rotating counter-clockwise.  The crossed area should be on the left.

Make a second loop, positioning it below and slightly to the left of loop 1.

Important:  All the loops in the Circle Earrings should be counter-clockwise.

You should make the knot large enough to clearly see all the loops and weaving.

Loops 3 and 4

Step 2:  Make the 3rd loop, positioning it over loop 2.  It should have a diagonal slant as shown.

Make loop 4 to the right of loops 2 and 3. 

Loop 5

Step 3:  Make the 5th loop, positioning it to the left and slightly below loop 4.


Step 4:  Move the working end to loops 2 and 3.

Weave under - over - under the three segments, heading diagonally from top to bottom


Step 5:  Rotate the cord down to loops 4 and 5

Weave through them over - under - over - over the four segments.

This completes the 6th loop, which rests to the left of loop 5.

Loop 7

Step 6:  Make the 7th loop, and position it so it rests partially over loop 1.

Bring the end down to loop 4, and weave through the three segments under - over - under.

Make sure you do not pass through loop 5.

Weaving at Top

Step 7:  Rotate the cord up to loops 1 and 7

Weave through over - under - over - over.


Step 8:  Pass under the secured end as you bring the working end over to the left side of the Circle Earrings design.

Weave it through loops 2 and 3 over - under - over, moving left to right.


Step 9:  Weave the end under - over - under loop 1, left to right.

Make sure you do not pass the end through loop 7.


Remove the pins and tighten the knot slowly, starting at the secured end.

Make sure you remove the slack in the order the loops and weaving were constructed.

Design Tip:  The Celtic Circle knot should be around 1 inch in size, so you can clearly see the details. 

Add Bead and Hook

Step 10:  Slide both ends through the bead.  Add a split ring or jump ring to the earring hook, if you have not done so already.

Pass the ends through the ring in opposite directions, then back through the bead, heading towards the knot. 


Slide the bead down slightly and apply glue next to the ring. 

Move the bead up so it rests against the ring and the glue is on the inside

When it's dry, cut off the excess material flush the with bottom of the bead.

Step 11:  Repeat steps 1 - 10 to make a second earring using the other cord.

Both of the Circle Earrings should be the same size, so carefully tighten the second one.

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