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Celtic Heart Knot

 Celtic Heart Knot


Description: The Celtic Heart Knot is a historical design seen in various Celtic art forms, including ceramic pottery.  But it's rarely seen as a decorative knot made with cord material.

This is a great knot for a pendant, since the ends come out at the top. You can tie the Heart first, and use the ends to make the necklace.

You can create this Celtic knot with any size material, but try to use waxed or stiffened cord if using material less than 2mm diameter.

In the example shown, I used 4mm Paracord.  This material needs to be prepared by melting the ends with a flame.


I found the Heart knot in Decorative Fusion Knots written by J. D. Lenzen.

Be sure to click on the link or image to visit his website.  The video gallery contains video tutorials for many interesting knotting techniques and designs.

  Fusion Knots
Loop 1  

Step 1: You need one cord, at least 20 inches long. Secure one end to your board.

Make a counter-clockwise loop near the center of the cord.

Loop 2  

Step 2: To make the second loop, bring the working end through the first loop under-over (from below).

Make sure the working end rests close to the right side of loop 1.


Loop 3  

Step 3: To make loop 3, bring the working end through Loops 1 and 2, weaving through the three segments over - under - over.

Make sure you keep the end close to the left side of loop 1.


Loop 4  

Step 4: Move the working end slightly to the right, so it runs through the center of the loops.

Weave it under - over - under - over the four segments, heading to the upper left.


Ends at the Top  

Step 5: Rotate the knot (or your board) so the ends are at the top.

The end that was secured should be on the left, with the working cord on the right.

Loop 2 should be at the bottom.


Celtic Heart  

Step 6: Tighten and adjust the Celtic Heart knot so the design is the shape of a heart, and is the size you need.

You can tighten it completely, or keep it somewhat loose, as I did in the images.


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