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Bug Belly Bar

Bug Belly Bar

Description: The Bug Belly Bar features a segmented weave tied around a loop.

It makes a great key ring design, but you can also use it for items like Paracord bracelets, belts, dog collars and more.

This is a very easy technique to learn, so is a great way to teach children the art of knot tying. 


I found this design on

Fusion Knots

Click on the image or link to visit the page.  The knot gallery contains videos for many unique decorative knots.

Fusion Knots

Preparation:  Write down the finished length you want to make and add at least 1/2-inch if you need a loop at one end.   The loop will become 1/2-inch longer when the bar is tightened, so keep that in mind when doing the math.

Multiply that total length by 12
(or more), and cut one cord to that size.

Total Length

Step 1: Fold the cord in half and make a loop, crossing right over left.  Arrange it on your board vertically, with the center fold close to the front of your board.

This loop should be the total length you got in preparation (weave + loop).  Adjust the size, then secure the crossing point and the fold.

Left Half

Step 2: Fold the left half of the cord diagonally toward the left, passing over both sides of the loop.


Right Half

Fold the right half diagonally to the right, passing it under the left side of the loop, over the left half of the cord, and under the right side of the loop.

Pull both halves to tighten this portion.

Right to Left

Step 3:  Fold the segment currently on the right diagonally to the left, passing over both sides of the loop.


Left to Right
  Fold the segment currently on the left diagonally to the right, passing under the left side of the loop.

Bring it over the other half of the cord, and under the right side of the loop.


Slide the folded portions backward, closer to the crossing point of the cord. 

Eliminate any gaps as you tighten the weave slightly,
making sure the area lies flat.


Step 4: Repeat step 3 several times, pushing the coils close together as you progress.

When practicing, you should stop 1/2-inch from the fold.  That will give you a 1-inch loop.

See more details below


Loop Size:  When you tighten the Bug Belly Bar, the loop will be 1/2-inch longer than where you stopped the weave.

So if you want a 3/4-inch loop, weave until you are 1/4-inch from the center fold.

For a 2-inch loop, stop when you are 1-1/2 inches from the fold.

Turn Bar
  Step 5: Turn the bar so the center fold (loop) is closer to the back of the board.

On the left side, pull the first segment to the right to make some space.

Pass Through

Step 6: Pass the working end currently on the right through the segment you pulled, heading forward (toward you).

Re-tighten the pulled segment.


Every Other

Step 7: Use fine tip pliers or tweezers to loosen every other segment, then pass the right working end through them (heading forward).

Include the last segment at the bottom.


Left End

Step 8: The left working end is currently under the loop. 

Pull it out so you can move it more easily through the segments on the left side.

Left Side

Step 9:  Repeat steps 6 and 7, passing the left working end through every other segment on the left side of the bar.

The Bug Belly Bar should look the same on both sides.


Move the working ends to the sides of the bar so they aren't as noticeable.


Pull the loop (center fold) firmly to tighten the entire bar.

Finish off the ends in the manner most appropriate for your project.


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