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Winter Scarf

Winter Scarf

Description:  This Winter Scarf is made with yarn or crochet cotton, since you need material that is soft and comfortable. 

There is an optional fringe at each end. Instructions are provided if you wish to create a finished edge.

Finished Size:  Approximately 6 inches wide x 36 inches long


This Macrame pattern is rated Easy, and is suitable for a beginner’s project.

It's time consuming, since you will be tying hundreds of very small knots.



Supplies Needed:

  • 2mm Yarn or Crochet Cord  (300 yards)
  • Project Board, pins, masking tape
  • Fabric Glue


Knots Used:



Step 1:  Cut 60 cords, each 5 yards long. 

Arrange them on a project board, so they rest vertically. 

You start in the center, so make sure that area of the cords is in front of you. 

Place a piece of tape across all the cords horizontally, at the center.  The tape marks the area where the first knots will rest, so make sure it's straight.

Divide the cords into small groups. For each group, roll up the portion that rests above the masking tape, and secure the roll to your board.

The lower half of the cords is used first.


Step 2:  Tie the first row of Alternating Square Knots, beginning in the center

These knots should have two working cords and two fillers.  Tighten each one firmly, so they rest against the tape.

Step 3:  Continue tying more rows of ASK, with approximately 1/4-inch of space between the rows. 

Keep track of how many rows you make.

Measure the shortest cords as you progress.  You need 8 inches of material for the finishing steps, so stop when the short cords are close to that length.  

Step 4: Turn the Winter Scarf around to work on the second half (or turn the entire board around).

Repeat step 3.  The knots need to be tied in the opposite direction. So if you tied LEFT Square knots for the first half, tie RIGHT SK for this portion.

Stop when this half is the same length as the first half.

Step 5: Arrange one end of the scarf so that the loose ends of the cords are in front of you. 

Move the first cord on the left horizontally towards the right. This will be the holding cord.

It should rest on top of the other cords.  Make sure it has tension and is well secured.

Attach all the other cords to it with Double Half Hitches, moving left to right.  The Half Hitches should be tied counter-clockwise.

Tighten them firmly so they rest against the last row of Square Knots.

Step 6:  Locate the cord furthest to the right.  Arrange it horizontally towards the left, on top of the other cords.  It's the next holding cord, so should be secured with tension.

Attach the other cords to it with DHH, moving right to left. 

The Half Hitches should be tied in a clockwise direction.  Tighten them firmly so the two bars are against each other.

Step 7: Move the ends of the holding cords to the back of the Winter Scarf.  Weave each one through the back of the knots to hold it in place.

Apply glue and trim off the excess when it's dry.

You have two finishing options:

Option 1:  For a fringe, trim the ends to the desired length.  Apply glue to the tip of each cord to prevent unraveling. 

You can tie an Overhand or Barrel knot at the tip of each cord, if you don't want to use glue.

Option 2:  For a finished edge, use the first two cords to tie a very tight Barrel Knot so it rests against the back of the Double Half Hitches.  

Trim the cords shorter, so you know they have been tied off.

Repeat with the remaining cords.

When all the knots have been tied, apply glue and cut off the excess material.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5  - 7 to complete the other end of the Winter Scarf.


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