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Vintage Bracelet

Vintage Bracelet

Description:  The Vintage Bracelet is a Micro-Macrame project featuring diamonds made with Double Half Hitches.  There is a Wrapped Knot sliding clasp for the closure. 

Beads can be used to decorate this basic Macrame bracelet, or you can tie Square knots inside each diamond.

This Macrame project is rated Moderate, since it's a challenge to control fine cords. 

In the example shown, a contrasting color was used for the holding cords, which created light areas at the 4 points of the diamonds.

The material used was Bamboo yarn (teal and natural). 

Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm Cord Material (one or more colors)
  • Beads -- hole size 2mm  (optional)
  • Project Board, pins, tape
  • Fabric glue that dries clear
Knots Used:

Step 1:  Cut 8 cords, at least 48 inches long.  Coat the ends with glue to prevent unraveling.

Design Tip: To make your Vintage Bracelet more interesting, you can use a different color for the holding cords, as in the example shown.

Another option is to make each cord a different color, to create a rainbow effect. 

Working cords = Teal                 Holding cords = tan

Eight Cords

Place the cords on your board, with the 3 working cords on either side of the 2 holding cords

Place a piece of tape across the cords, to mark the center.

Mentally number the cords 1 - 8. 

Step 2: Move the holding cords to the right and left, diagonally.  They should pass over the working cords.  Secure them so they are taut.

The angle of the holding cords determines the shape of the diamond, so adjust their placement until you like the shape. 

Half Hitch

Use working cord 6 to tie a Double Half Hitch onto holding cord 5, rotating counter-clockwise. 

Tighten the first knot so it rests against the tape before tying the second knot.
Repeat this process with cords 7 and 8.

Half Hitch Instructions:  Pass the working cord over - under the holding cord

As you bring it to the side, bring it over the working cord.

Top of Diamond

Step 3:  Attach cords 3 - 1 to holding cord 4 (in that order).

Rotate clockwise as you tie the DHH.

Design Option:  The beads are optional.  You can tie a Square Knot with the working cords, arranging it in the center of the diamond.

Center Section

Step 4:  Slide a bead over working cords 3 and 6.

Tie an Overhand knot in holding cords 4 and 5, sliding it up as far as it can go

These knots need to rest against the row of DHH.

Step 4, continued:  Place pins to the inside of the Overhand knots to help keep the angles sharp.

Detail of Bottom

To create the bottom, move holding cord 4 towards the center.  Attach cords 1 - 3 with DHH, rotating counter-clockwise.

Attach cords 8 - 6 to holding cord 5, after moving it towards the center.  Rotate clockwise for these knots.

Holding Cords

Step 5:  To complete the first diamond for your Vintage Bracelet, attach one holding cord to the other with a DHH.

Step 6:  Repeat steps 2 - 5 several times, until the Vintage Bracelet is 1/2 the size you need. 

Return to the center, and turn the bracelet around. 

Important:  Close the first diamond by attaching one holding cord to the other with a DHH.

Step 7: Repeat steps 2 - 5 until the bracelet is completed.

Secure Cords to Back

Step 8:  Flip the bracelet so you are working on the back.  Secure cords 3 - 6 to the back by applying glue under them.  When the glue is dry, cut off the excess material.

Repeat this process at the other end of the Vintage Bracelet.

Start Wrapped Knot

Turn the bracelet sideways and cross the ends.  Cut one cord , at least 12 inches long (or use a piece that was cut off in the last step).

Fold it as shown, so a short segment is close to the crossing point of the bracelet cords, with the long portion on the outside.  


Step 9:  Wrap the long end around the bracelet cords, as well as the short segment. Wrap several times, moving towards the folded portion of the cord you are working with. 

Make sure you wrap snugly, but not so tight that the cords can't slide through the knot.

Detail of knot

Wrap enough times to cover the crossed area of the bracelet cords, (at least 1-inch).   Pass the end through the folded area, which now resembles a loop.

Pull on the short end, to pull the loop and other end into the knot.

Important:  Pull on the ends of the Vintage Bracelet, to close it, then open it again.  You can re-tie the knot if it's too tight.

When it's working properly, cut off the two ends of the cord used for the clasp, flush with the top and bottom ends of the Wrapped knot.

Step 10:   Close the bracelet by pulling on the ends of the bracelet cords. 

Divide the cords into sets of two.   Tie a loose Overhand knot in each set of cords, 2 inches below the Wrapped knot.

Design Option:  You can add beads to each set of two cords before tying the knot.   It's better to tie Barrel knots below the beads to secure them, since they are tighter. 

Add Beads or Knots

Is there enough space for your hand to slip through when the bracelet is stretched open 

Move the knots if necessary to give you more room.

Step 11:  When the knots are in the right position, tighten them firmly. 

Apply glue while tightening, and cut off the excess material when it's dry.

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