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Vintage Basket

Vintage Basket

Description: This Vintage Basket is a unique Macrame pattern that features two unusual vintage knots.

This custom basket can be used to make decorative containers of different sizes. They can be used for snacks, flowers, baby items, etc. 

By adding a handle to the ring, this design can be used as an Easter Basket.

The instructions are for a medium basket, 8 inches in size.

To adjust the size, use smaller or larger rings, and change the number of cords according to the formula provided below.


Supplies Needed:

  • 6mm Macrame Cord (65 yards total)
  • One 8 inch ring
  • One 7 inch ring
  • One 6 inch ring


Knots Used:





Cut 28 cords, each 90 inches long.

To change the size of the Vintage Basket, use this formula:

The diameter of the largest ring (in inches) multiplied by 3.5

This is the number of cords you need to cut.  Make sure you round up to a whole number.

Important:  The total number of cords should be an even number (30, 32, etc.)

Step 1: Attach each of the cords to the 8-inch ring with the Venetian Picot Mount.

The instructions are below.


Design Tip: You can use a different vintage mounting technique, if you wish.

Try the Chain Picot Mount, or a more basic knot, such as Larks Head knots.

See Unique Mounting Designs for other options.


Venetian Picot Mount Instructions

Overhand Knot  

Start by folding one cord in half.

Tie an Overhand knot, tightening it so it's at the center.

Slide the two ends under the ring, with the knot on the outside.


First Half Hitch   DHH Step A:  Pass the left end over - under the ring, and over the cord just below.

Tighten firmly, so the Overhand Knot is touching the ring.

Second Half Hitch  

DHH Step B:  Tie another Half Hitch with the same end, to the right of the first.

DHH Step C:  Repeat steps A an B with the right end.


Venetian Picot Mount   Mount the rest of the cords for the Vintage Basket in the same manner. Try to work in one direction.

Add extra Half Hitches if the ring is not completely covered.


Diamond Stitch Directions


Step 2: Now you'll be tying rows of Diamond Stitch knots, placing them just below the ring.  Each knot requires two cords.

Did you find the Diamond Stitch too complex when you practiced

You can use Alternating Square Knots to make the main portion of the Vintage Basket.

You will need two working cords and two fillers for each knot (total of 4).  Count the cords to make sure the number is able to be divided by 4.  Add extra if needed.

Two Bights  

Step A:  Make two bights (narrow folds) with the cord on the left.

The first is downward and the second is upward.

Secure the folds, and the end.


Right to Left  

Step B:  Move the right cord through the bights from right to left, horizontally.

Pass under - over - over the three segments.


Left to Right  

Step C:  Move the right cord through again, just below the first row, moving from left to right.

Pass under - over - under the three segments.

Right to Left   Step D:  Pass the right cord over - over - under the three segments, just below the second row, moving right to left.

Tighten the Knot  

Tighten the knot so it's a diamond shape. The top point should be resting near the ring at the top of the Vintage Basket.

Step E: Repeat steps A - D with the remaining cords (in sets of 2).



Step 3: For the second row, alternate the cords:

Use one cord from the first knot, and another one from the second knot.

Repeat steps A - D.



Step 4: Attach each cord to the 7-inch ring with DHH.

It will be a tight squeeze, but you need to get them all on. You can use single Half Hitches to attach a few, but most need to be DHH.


Step 5: Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 6: Attach each cord to the 6-inch ring.  Use single Half Hitches as needed, to ensure that all cords are on the ring when you are finished.



Bottom and Finishing Touches


Step 6: Turn the Vintage Basket upside down to work on the bottom.

Starting next to the last ring, tie the first row of Alternating Square Knots using four cords per knot.

These knots should follow the curve of the ringMake sure you use all of them.

Step 7: Tie at least 3 more rows of ASK, dropping 4 cords from two different areas (total of 8 cords), before tying each new row. You will end with only a few knots when you reach the center of the ring.

Dropping means that you push the cords to the inside. Tie the knots as if they were not present, across any gaps.

Important:  Make sure the bottom is FLAT, even if you need to drop additional cords.


Step 9: Trim the ends so they are even. Weave them into the bottom section and apply glue to hold them in place.

Another option is to trim the ends to 2 inches and unravel them, creating a fluffy bottom for the inside of the basket (recommended).

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