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Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

Description:  Summer Sandals are often uncomfortable, especially if they are plastic. 

This Macrame pattern will show you how to cover the straps of flip flops to make them softer.  I recommend that you use soft, flexible material such as yarn or cotton.

This Macrame project is suitable for children and beginners who know how to tie Square knots.   Instructions for all the knots used in the design are shown below, but it's easier if you have some experience.

Supplies Needed:
  • One pair of flip-flop sandals
  • 2mm cord material
  • Glue
Knots Used:


Measure the strap you will be covering, from the back (where it attaches to the sole), all the way around to the other side (also at the back).

Multiply the measurement by 8.  Cut 2 cords to that length. 


Front of Strap

Wrap Cord Around Stem

The stem of the Summer Sandals is the part in the front that fits between the toes. 

Step 1: Wrap one cord around the stem and center it by matching the ends.  Cross right over left to make a loop.

Form a Slipknot

Step 2:  Fold the right half of the cord to form a bight.

Pass it through the loop under - over (from below). 

Tighten the Slipknot

Step 3:  Tighten the Slipknot by pulling on the bight, while holding the ends steady.

Adjust the size of the bight by pulling on the right end, but do not tighten it completely.

Add Second Cord

Step 4:  Add the second cord by passing it through the the bight. Center it by matching the ends.

Pull on the right end of the first cord (the one that moves), to tighten the Slipknot.  Make sure the knot is facing the front of the Summer Sandals.

Wrap the Stem

Step 5:  Move three of the ends upward, towards the strap. 

Use the fourth end to wrap around the stem, along with the other three cords.

Wrap firmly, moving upward towards the strap.  The Slipknot should be close to the sole.

Pass End Thru Loop

Step 6:  To secure the wraps, pull a small portion of material towards you, forming a loop.

Wrap the cord around one last time, and pass the end through the loop. This knot should be at the top of the stem, just under the strap.

Square Knot Design

The primary knot for your Summer Sandals is the Square Knot.  The strap runs through the knots, acting as the filler.  

Alternating Half Hitches can also be used, if the Square Knot is too much of a challenge for you.  They are tied onto the strap, which is used as a holding cord.

Turn the sandal, so you are working from the stem towards the back of the strap. 

You will tie the knots for one half, then do the other half.

Step 7: Pass the end of the cord used to wrap the stem under the strap, so it becomes the left working cord. Choose another cord close to it, for the right working cord.

The remaining two cords are used for the other half of the strap, so push them out of your way.

Step A
Step A: Move the left cord over the strap and under the right cord.

Step B:  Move the right cord under the strap and over the left cord, as you bring it out on the left.
Step B

Pull on both ends to firmly tighten the first half of the Square Knot.

Step C
Step C:  Move the cord that's now on the right over the strap and under the cord on the left.

Step D:  Move the cord on the left under the strap and over the cord on the right.

Steps A - D = 1 Square Knot
Step D

Step 8:  Repeat step 7 several times, until the front and middle portion of your Summer Sandals is covered with Square Knots. 

Back of Strap


When you reach the back of the strap, you may need to twist it in order to tie the last few Square knots.

Try to tie as many knots as you can, straightening the strap as much as possible.  You may need to lift it straight up as well.  Be careful not to pull the strap out of the sole.


Step 9:   Apply glue next to the last Square Knot tied.  Use the two cords to tie an Overhand knot.  Position it on top of the glue. 

The knot must face the outside edge of the sandal. Allow the glue to dry completely before cutting off the excess material.

Step 10:  Repeat steps 7 - 9 to cover the second half of the strap.

Step 11: Repeat steps 1 - 10 to make the other sandal.

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Have any comments about the Summer Sandals? Contact Me.

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