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Simplicity Bracelet

Simplicity Bracelet

Description:  The Simplicity Bracelet is a very easy Macrame pattern, since it features only two simple decorative knots. 

This is a great craft project for young children as well as beginners new to Macrame. 

Novelty buttons and beads can be used for both the clasp and for decoration, but make sure two cords can fit through the opening. 

In the image above, the bracelet on the left was made with nylon.  Yarn was used in the bracelet on the right.

Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm cord material
  • One button for the clasp
  • Beads (optional)
  • Project board, pins, glue, tape measure
  • Small piece of wire
Knots Used: 

Here is the best way to apply beads to the cords:

<<  Fold a piece of fine wire in half and pass it through the bead.

Pass the cord through the wire near the fold.  Pull the ends of the wire, moving the cords all the way through the hole. >>  
Cord Thru Wire

Preparation:  Cut 2 cords, each at least 45 inches long. 

Apply glue to the ends to prevent unraveling.  Let the glue dry before you get started with the Simplicity Bracelet.

Cords Thru Button

Step 1: Slide the button for the clasp onto both cords.

Match the ends so the button is in the center.

Overhand knot

Step 2: Tie a tight Overhand knot using two cords on the right and left.  This holds the button in place.


Step 3:  Secure the button or bead to your board, by placing a pin through the shank.   Spread out the four cords. 

Weave the cord furthest to the RIGHT through the other cords over - under - over, heading left.

To keep the cords for the Simplicity Bracelet horizontal, place a pin just below the one you used to do the weaving.  

Bring it down for the next row, arranged vertically.  You can lean the pin back over the cord to hold it in place.

Do this each time you start a new row.

Next Row

Step 4: For the next row of weaving, use the cord furthest to the RIGHT again.  The weaving is the same (over - under - over).

This cord will pass under the one used in step 3.

Add Beads

Step 5: To add beads, select the 2 cords in the center of the group, not the cords furthest to the left and right.

Slide them through a bead, using a wire threader (optional). 

Overhand knot

Step 6:  Repeat step 4 - 5 several times, until the bracelet is the size you want. 

Cross the cords, and then tie an Overhand knot.

Apply glue inside as you tighten it firmly.

Loop for Clasp

Step 7: Tie an Overhand knot for the clasp, as shown in the image above.  Make sure it's the same size as the button or bead. 

Don't tighten this knot.

Step 7, continued:  Tie another Overhand knot and tighten it firmly

Be careful not to change the size of the previous knot. 

Apply glue to the knot, and cut off the extra material when it's dry.

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