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Masthead Mat Technique

Mashead Mat


Description: The Masthead Mat Technique is a type of circular weaving. It has features similar to the Pitcher knot, as well as the Maedate knot.

This unique decorative knot can be used to make flat items like coasters, pendants, and small rugs.

You can keep it small by using only one cord. To make it larger, simply add one or more cords, following the path of the first one.

Step 1: To practice, you need one cord, at least 36 inches long.

I recommend you use Parachute Cord (paracord), as in the images shown.

Make sure you heat the tips and melt the fabric, to prevent the inner core from sliding out.

  Three  Loops  

Secure one end of the cord to your board, on your right.  Make three clockwise loops, starting 12 inches from the secured end. 

Move from right to left as you create the loops, and mentally number them as shown.


  Overlap the Loops  

Step 2: Move Loop 2 to the left, positioning it partly over Loop 3.  Position Loop 1 partially over loop 2.

Mentally label the 6 segments A - F, moving left to right. Secure the loops at the crook (top).


Locate segments C and D, which lead to the ends.

Those are the only segments that will be moved in the next two steps.

  Path of Segment C  

Step 3: Form a bight with segment C. Move it to the right, weaving as follows:

  • Over segment D 
  • Under segment E  
  • Over segment F.
Secure the bight to the right of the loops.

  Path of Segment D  

Step 4: Form a bight with segment D. Move it to the left, weaving as follows:  

  • Over segment B
  • Under segment A 
Secure the bight to the left of the loops.

  Weave End Through Knot  

Step 5: Locate the end on the right, which leads to segment D. 

Move right to left, weaving as follows:
over - under - over - under - over - under

  Ends at the Bottom  

To complete the Masthead Mat technique, turn the design so the ends are at the bottom.

Gradually remove the slack from each area, until it's the size you want.


  Doubled Knot  

To make the design larger, tighten and balance the knot slightly, leaving enough space for a second cord.

Starting at one end, use the second cord to follow the path of the first one. This will fill in the knot. Tighten it again after the second cord (or more) is added.


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