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Macrame Definitions


Macrame Terms F - M

Macrame Definitions describe words and abbreviations  that start with the letters F - M.

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Filler Cords: Many Macrame definitions are unique to this craft. This term is used to describe the specific cords that run through the center of certain knots.

This is the same as "core" and "holding cords". You will see it most often in vintage Macrame patterns.

In this Square Knot, the pink cords are the fillers.


  Earring Findings  

Findings: Fasteners or closures for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Usually made of delicate metal, like the earrings shown.

See Decorative Fasteners for examples.


  Finishing Knot  

Finishing knot: A specific type of knot tied near the tips of the cords to secure them, or to prevent unraveling.

The Barrel Knot in the image is one of several useful finishing knots.


  Flax Linen Cord  

Flax Linen: A type of cord material that is made from the same plant Linseed Oil comes from. It's very strong, and is a great choice for jewelry.

This unique natural fiber has been used to make clothing for over 5000 years. See Macrame Cord for more details.


  Fringe   Fringe:  A technique where the cords are left to dangle in the finishing steps. 

The individual fibers making up the cord are usually unraveled.

  Mayan Temple Knot  

Fusion Knots:  These techniques usually start with one knot, and elements are added to turn it into a completely new design.

Go to the Fusion Knots site to view the video gallery, which contains a variety of these knots.


Macrame Cord Divider

G - K

  Amazonite Gemstone Chips  

Gemstones: Semi-precious stones that are polished and shaped into chips, beads and pendants.

The stones in this image are Amazonite. Turquoise, Jade and Quartz are other types of gemstones.



Gusset: This is a term used to describe the sides of handbags. Many patterns will have you add cords to widen the sides so the purse will not be completely flat.

This is part of the Teardrop Purse, where you can see the gusset between the front and back sections.



Hitch: A type of decorative knot that is used to attach cords to a ring, dowel, or cord.

The image shows the Double Half Hitch, which is the most common knot used for this purpose. 


  Holding Cords

Holding Cord:  This Macrame Definition refers the specific cord(s) that the knots are attached to. 

In this image, Half Hitches are tied with the brown cord.  The three black cords hold the knots. 

(Same as the terms "core" and "fillers")



Horizontal: This term means that the cord, knot, or design is arranged left to right.

The first Figure Eight knot in this example was made on the left. The design progressed to the right (arrow).


  Celtic Circle

Interlace: A pattern where you intertwine and weave the loops (or cords) together, to link the different areas.

This is a Celtic Circle Knot, which shows how the loops are connected.



Inverted: This term means upside down, and it's often used when describing V formations like the one shown.

The point of this Alternating V Pattern is at the top instead of the bottom.

Macrame Cord Divider

L - M

  Larks Head knot

(LH) = Larks Head Knot:  One of the most common Macrame knots. It's used to attach cords to rings, dowels, and other cords.

It can rest horizontally, vertically, or be used to make a sennit (chain).



Loop: This is one of several Macrame definitions that are very important for you to understand.

A Loop is a circular or oval shape that is usually made by crossing two parts of the cord. This image shows a loop, with the crook, or rounded portion, at the top.


  Metallic Cord  

Metallic: A type of material that looks like gold, silver, or brass metal.

This twisted cord is a combination of silver and gold strands.



Micro-Macrame: Some Macrame definitions are specific to this craft. The term "Micro" means small. So it's used to describe projects using very delicate and slender materials.

These Circle Earrings are dainty, since they are made with fine leather cord, 2mm thick.


  Loop Mount  

Mount: Macrame definitions like this one are very important for you to know. Mounting is the process of attaching one or more cord to a ring, dowel, frame, or another cord. This term is usually seen in the beginning stages of a Macrame project.


Macrame Cord Divider
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