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FiFi the Poodle

FiFi the Poodle

Description:  FiFi the Poodle is an easy Macrame pattern because it uses only the basic knots.  For that reason, it's a good project to introduce older children to Macrame.

Be sure you practice the decorative knots before making this cute animal design. 

FiFi has a long brushed fringe which resembles fur.  Beads are placed to mimic a collar, and bows can be added for decoration.

The finished size is approximately 15 inches tall.

The design shown above was made in 2010 by Patty Berberich.


Supplies Needed:
  • 6mm cord material (25+ yards)
  • One 6-inch metal ring
  • Two 20mm round beads for the eyes
  • One 16mm bead for the nose
  • 5 beads for the collar – any size
  • Small amount of pink felt (tongue)
  • Bows or other small decorations
Knots Used:


Step 1:  Cut the cords as follows:

  • Face: Cut 6 cords, each 2 yards long. 
  • Ears: Cut 8 cords, each 20 inches long. 
  • Extras: Cut 2 cords, each 36 inches long

The ends will be unraveled, so when you prepare the cords, use tape at the tips, since it's easy to cut off.


Step 2:  Attach 6 of the 2-yard cords to the top of the ring with Larks Head knots.  You will end up with 12 cords to work with.

Step 3:  Tie 5 rows of Alternating Square Knots, using 4 cords per knot.

Step 4:  Mentally number the cords 1 thru 12.   For the eyes of FiFi the Poodle, slide one bead onto cords 3 – 4, as well as 9 – 10. 

Leave a 1/4-inch space between the top of the beads and the last row of knots you tied in the previous step.


Step 5:  Just below the beads, tie a SK using cords 3 – 6 under the left eye, and 7 – 10 under the right one.

Step 6: Pass cord 6 through the bead for the nose, heading into the hole from left to right.  Pass cord 7 through the hole, from right to left.

Pull on both ends so the bead rests as close to the eyes as possible.

Step 7: Tie 3 rows of ASK, as follows: 

Row 1:  Use cords 1 - 4,  5 – 8, and 9 – 12.

Row 2:  Use cords 3 – 6, and 7 – 10.

Row 3:  Use cords 5 – 8.

Step 8:  Slide the beads for the collar onto cords 2 - 3,  4 - 5,  6 - 7,  8 - 9, and 10 - 11.

Step 9:  Attach all the cords to the bottom of the ring with Double Half Hitches. Make sure you pull each one taut as you attach them.  

Trim the cords to 10 inches, shaping them into a curved arrangement.

Save the scraps if they are 6 inches or more.


Step 10:  Use several 6-inch pieces of material to make the fur mustache around the nose of FiFi the Poodle.  You can use scraps or cut new cords.

Arrange 3 cords through spaces between the ASK on the left side of the nose bead.  You need to pass them through from back to front, with each end in a different space.

Another option is to attach them with Larks Head knots.

Do the same on the right side of the nose.  Unravel the cords to form the whiskers.


Step 11:  Repeat step 10, placing several cords in the spaces above the eyes.  Trim and shape the cords to form the “eyelashes”.

Step 12:  Cut additional 6-inch pieces and attach them between the knots in the forehead area.  Secure these cords with Larks Head knots.

You can add as many as you wish, trimming and arranging them to look like an authentic “poodle cut”. 

You want FiFi the Poodle to look neat and tidy, so spend some time with this grooming process.


Step 13:  Now it’s time to make the ears.  Attach 4 of the 20-inch cords to the top right side of the ring, with Larks Head knots.  This gives you 8 cords to work with.

Do the same on the top left side, attaching four more cords.

Step 14:  Using four cords per knot, tie Square Knots with each set of cords you just added.


Step 15:  Attach a 1-yard cord next to the Double Half Hitches at the bottom of the ring. 

Use a DHH to attach the cord, so that there is 10 inches dangling below the ring, and the rest above it. 

Use the long portion to wrap the exposed area of the ring, from the bottom towards the top. 

When you are finished wrapping, tie a Half Hitch to secure the cord.

The extra material will become part of the right ear.  The portion at the bottom will become part of the body fur.

Step 16:  Repeat step 15, wrapping the left side of the ring in the same manner.

Step 17:  Unravel and brush all the ends in the body area of FiFi the Poodle. Do the same with both ears. Use a ribbon or piece of yarn to gather the cords for the ears, wrapping it around the ring to hold the ears in place.

FiFi the Poodle looks best if she is fluffy, so if any area seems too bare, simply cut more pieces of material and add them wherever they are needed.


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Have any comments about FiFi the Poodle? Contact Me.

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