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Double Half Hitch Mount

DHH Mount

Description: A Double Half Hitch Mount is used to attach cords to a dowel, ring or holding cord.

A mounting knot like this one is usually one of the first knots tied in a Macrame project. You will often start out with one cord, adding more one at a time.

This vintage decorative knot is also used to add cords into an area when you need more to form a special design, or to make the area wider. 

Basic Instructions

Step 1: Secure one holding cord to your work surface, with pins or tape. It should be horizontal. 

You could also use a ring or dowel to hold the knots when you practice this important technique.

The length of the item used to hold those being mounted is usually specified in the pattern.

Double Half hitch = DHH

Cut 5 or more working cords, each at least 12 inches long. 

Place the first working cord on your work surface, so it's vertical.  It should rest under the item holding the cords.

First Half Hitch  

Secure the top half of the cord.

To make the first Half Hitch, move the bottom half over the front of the item holding the cords, in this case a dowel. Move it under the back.

As you pull it down and to the left, pass it over the working cord.


Second Half Hitch  

Step 2: Tie a second Half Hitch to the right, following the same process.

Before you tighten the second knot, pull on the first one and make sure it's tight.  Then tighten the 2nd Half Hitch.


Use Top Portion  

Step 3: Now you can use the top half of the cord to form a picot loop or another type of knot (see below). Make sure you secure it when you are finished.

Move the top half of the cord under the dowel, and then attach it with a DHH.



Knots for the Top Half of the Cords

Most of the time, the Double Half Hitch Mount will be combined with other knots, because that is the purpose for this technique.  

It's the best way to use unusual knots or create loops during the mounting process.   Below are a few decorative knots you can use in this manner. 

The upper portion of the cord is used to tie the knots:

Josephine Knot
  This is a Josephine knot.  Construct the DHH Mount as shown above. 

Use the top half to tie this knot, and then attach the ends to the item holding the knot with DHH.

This is a unique, vintage Triangle Knot.

It needs to be made with two cords, so create the knot first.  Make it as small as possible.

Attach it to the item holding the knot with DHH.

Triangle Knot

Venetian Mount

When selecting appropriate knots, make sure they can be tied with one or two cords. 

This is the Venetian Picot Mount, which combines one or more Overhand knots with the DHH Mount.


See Unique Mounting Designs for other variations that incorporate the Double Half Hitch Mount technique.   Loop Mount

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