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Crown Designs

 Crown Designs
                         Good Luck Spiral                    Triskelion Knot

Description: These Crown Designs are variations of the Crown Knot and the Good Luck Knot.

The Triskelion Knot has three loops arranged in a triangular shape.

The Good Luck Spiral is round or oval shaped, with triangular elements in the center.

Both of these decorative knots make great focal points for jewelry designs and are easy to tie.

The key to constructing these knots is to make sure you curve the segments rather than fold them.

Also, keep everything flat when you create the loops and curves. Use a project board and pins to help you control the loops.


These designs were found in Decorative Fusion Knots.

Click on the link or image to visit the site.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of  unique and appealing knots and designs.

  Fusion Knots

Good Luck Spiral

Good Luck Spiral

Three Segments  

Step 1: Secure the center of a 60-inch cord to your board.  Place it to your right, with the ends on the left.

Pick up the ends and push them right, towards the center, forming two bights.


Arrange the Segments  

Step 2: Position the three segments as shown, with the ends remaining on the left.

Bight A should be at the top, and bight B at the bottom.


Bight A - Space 1  

Step 3: Curve bight A down and towards the left, passing over the two ends.

The space that forms should be labeled #1.


Ends - Space 2  

Step 4: Curve the ends towards the right. They should pass over bights A and B.

The space that is formed should be labeled #2.


Bight B - Space 3  

Step 5: Curve bight B over the ends, heading towards the top.

Pass it through space 1 over - under (from the top).

This forms space #3.


Detail of Tucks  

Step 5: Pull on the ends and bights to tighten the center slightly.

The arrows in this image show you which spaces each segment will be passed through in the next three steps.


Bight B - Space 2  

Step 6: Move bight B downward.  Pass it through space 2 under - over (from below).

Do not cross bight B over bight A.

Bight B should rest beside it on the left.


Bight A - Space 3  

Step 7: Move bight A through space 3 heading right, under - over (from below)

Bight A should rest below the ends, and should not cross over them.

Ends - Space 1   Step 8: The final step is to move the ends through space 1 from below.

Both Crown Designs on this page need to be tightened gradually, by pulling on the ends and bights.

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Triskelion Knot

Triskelion Knot


Step 1: Crown designs like the Triskelion Knot require long cords, at least 72 inches long.

Three Segments   Locate the center and secure it on your left.

Pick up the ends and push them towards the center, forming two bights.

Adjust the three areas so they are the same size.

Arrange the Segments  

Step 2: Position the three bights/ends so they curve as shown.

Bight A is at the top, and the ends are on the right.

Bight B is at the bottom. Keep the center secured.


Clockwise Loops  


Step 3: Make three clockwise loops with the two bights and the ends.


Bight B  

Step 4: Move bight B through the loop formed by the ends, which is on the right.

Make sure it goes in over - under (from the top).


Bight A   Step 5: Move bight A through the loop made by bight B, which is at the bottom.

Make sure it goes in from the top.

Ends   Step 6: Pass the ends through the loop formed by bight A, on the upper left.

Tighten and balance the Triskelion Knot by pulling on the bights and ends.

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