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Ball Organizer


Ball Organizer  

Description:  This Ball Organizer has a drawstring to close it at the bottom, and a round frame at the top to give it support. 

This Macrame project is easy to make, and is a good way to store a variety of sport balls. It can also be used for other items, such as stuffed animals and toys.

Monica White inspired me to create this Macrame pattern, and provided the photo as well.

Supplies Needed:
  • 4mm or 6mm Macrame Cord (100 yards)
  • One 15mm Barrel Bead
  • Plastic Garbage Can
Knots Used:
  • Other Knots shown Below

Top Frame


Step 1: Cut the garbage can with a sharp knife, so you are using only the top six inches of it.  Use a drill to make twenty 1/2-inch holes spaced equally apart, so they rest 1-inch below the top edge. 

Design Tip: The best method to determine the hole placement is to measure the garbage can and then divide that by 20. The number you get is the distance between the holes.


Step 2: Cut 20 cords, each 5 times the length you are aiming for.

For example: To make a 30 inch bag, the cords need to be at least 150 inches long (slightly more than 4 yards).



Step 3:  Tie an Overhand Knot at the center of one cord. Slide both ends of that cord through one hole in the garbage can, so the knot is on the inside.

Repeat the process with the remaining cords. You will end up with a total of 40 strands to work with, since they were folded in half.



The Bag

Step 4: You now need to arrange the cords in sets of two.  Each of the knots will be made with 2 cords, so you have several knots to choose from.

For the first row of the Ball Organizer bag, the 2 cords need to come from two different holes in the frame.

The following images show you several possible knots to choose from. Click on the image or link to view the instructions:
Sailors Knots
  The Sailors Knot is easy to tie, and provides a strong hold.

Triangle Knot   The Triangle Knot is easy to tie, and the best option for this project.

Diamond Stitch  

The Diamond Stitch is a bit more complex. It's a variation of the Chinese Cross Knot.



Step 5: After the first row, alternate the cords by combining two that rest next to one another, but come from two different knots you just tied.


Step 6:  Continue to tie rows of knot, making sure you alternate each time. 

Stop when the shortest cords are 12 inches, or when you are happy with the length of the bag.


Drawstring Closure (Bottom)


Step 7: To make the closure of the Ball Organizer, arrange the cords into separate groups of two. Using the two cords working together, tie an Overhand Knot ½-inch below the last row of knots you tied in the bag.  Leave a ½-inch space, and tie a Barrel Knot.

Step 8: Apply glue to the knots, and allow it to dry before cutting off the excess. Repeat step 7 with each set of two cords.

Step 9: Cut one 60-inch cord for a drawstring, and weave it through the spaces between the two knots, all the way around the bottom of the bag.

Step 10: Pass the ends of the drawstring through a bead, in opposite directions.  Tie a tight Barrel Knot at the tips of the drawstring, to prevent the cords from sliding through the bead. 

To close the drawstring, pull on the ends. Slide the bead up close to the bottom of the bag. To open it, slide the bead down and spread the net.



Finishing Touches

Step 11: To make a hanger for your Ball Organizer, you can use a handle from a plastic ice cream bucket, or something similar. Cut small openings in the top frame to attach the handle.
Alternating Half Hitch  

Another option is to make a knotted handle. Two cords need to be cut to 4 times the size you want the handle.

Start in the center, and use both cords to make an Alternating Half Hitch sennit.


Step 12:  When the handle is the size you want, tie an Overhand knot at each end, close to the last Half Hitches.

Slide the two ends through openings at the top of the Ball Organizer, so the Overhand knot is on the outside.

After you pull them through as far as you can, tie a Barrel knot on the inside, close to the surface of the plastic frame. Apply glue and cut off the excess when it's dry.

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